MKTG 302: Foundations of Marketing

Start Here & Survey (MKTG 302)

Start Here & Survey (MKTG 302)

Business Plans

Business Planning

Check out the following resources to learn more:

Selected Library Resources (see library catalog for more):

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Business plans handbook : a compilation of actual business plans developed by small businesses throughout North America.
Library, Reference, HD62.7 .B865, Vols 1-7
Electronic Resource: Business Plan Handbooks

Image of Ebook    The One-Hour Business Plan: The Simple and Practial Way to Start Anything New [eBook]
   John McAdam



The Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide
Library,  4th Floor Stacks,   HD62.5 .S556 2007
Brian R Ford

Image of an Ebook   How to Write a Business Plan [eBook]
   Brian Finch



U.S. Small Business Administration:

How to Write a Business Plan (web source) | US Small Business Administration

Learning Center offers Webinars (Web source) | US Small Business Administration

California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development:

Start a Business (web source)

Situation Analysis

Situation Analysis

Marketing Environment

Want the latest Census data on Industries?
 NAICS, North American Classification System 2012 NAICS classifications

Marketing Environment

Market Trends and Growth.  Here you need to know a bit about your industry, where its headed and what environmental factors may affect it.  Analysts reports on industry include current and forecasting analysis.  The library has a number of these IBISWorld is one example.

IBISWorld Industry Surveys  (US only)

Additional Industry Information can be located on the Industry Research Guide

These sources address the issues that will affect demand.  Broad trends and developments in an organization's environment: Social, demographic, econonic, technological and political/legal.

Bizminer   Industry Financial and Industry Market Analysis.   9000 industries by sales lass.  Find reports for National, state, county, metro and zip code.

Industry Market Reports
BIzMarketts2Go Radius Profiles
Competitive Market Analyzer
Sales per Square Foot Report

Euromonitor Passport  (Global coverage)  Specialized market research reports, world-wide.

Statistics, analysis and survey results by detailed industy segment, Economies, Consumers,s Companies
Daily special reports on home page 

Market Size, Company shares, Brand shares, distribution, pricing and market reports.

Dashboard!   Passport's market trends interactive survey tool

try this example:

Industry --  Consumer Electronics -- computers and periferals
Countries & Consumers --  Consumer trends and lifestyles, income and expenditures, population and homes.







Marketing: Segmentation and Targeting

Segmenting and Targeting using consumer behavior analytics and geographic information  systems (GIS) 

Marketing Plan:  Segmentation, Targeting

Segmentation and Targeting.   You can use the market attributes you started with to go into more depth into your target market.   There are sophisiticated market research analysis tools that use extensive demographic and lifestyle survey data and combine that with maps to visually show relationships that help marketers.

Passport by Euromonitor 
Expert market analysis and statistics on consumer products and services for most countries.

SimplyAnalytics (CSUSM) and create personal account to save
Consumer demographics at the national US level, state, county, and local levels.  Uses MRI and SimmonsLocal detailed consumer preferences, lifestyle, survey responses. 
Create your own account 

ESRI GIS Community Analyst

To obtain password access to ESRI's GIS product please contact the Business Librarian Ann Fiegen, or Allen  Risley

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix

Trademark and Branding

Trademark and Branding

Trademark search  -- To determine your proposed mark has not been used before,done prior to filing and registering a trademark or service mark.
Preliminary searches can be done individually but a trademark attorney is strongly recommended.

Pending and registered trademark searches in federal, state and unregistered databases are all needed.   This guide is limited to free sources for federal trademark searches.

Choosing a trademark:  Not likely to confuse the customer, another product or service does not complete with yours, not marketed through the same means.  Domain names can not interfere with a trademark

USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office

Follow links to: Trademark Electronic Search System  (TESS)

1. What TESS includes:    Federal registered and pending trademarks, service marks.

How to search TESS for preliminary search

 1. Browse Dictionary
2. Direct Hit
3. Structured Search

Supplier of products
Excellent for suppliers and manufactures and B2B.    Catalog of products and services and trade and corporate names.

Other searches

Domain names

Google search for images, descriptions, and domain names   Free to use with referrals to legal searches   To find if a company name has been used.

To read more: Elias, S., & Stim, Richard. (2010). Trademark : Legal care for your business & product name (9th ed.). Berkeley, Calif.: Nolo.

Nolo Legal Topics

Georgia Tech LibGuide Patent and Trademarks


Site Selection

In this session you will use the information you have already gathered to search for competitors and for optimal site selection based on demographic research.

ESRI Community Analyst Online can match consumer characteristics to existing business locations.



Census & Government Sources

Census & Government Sources

Using the Census

Using the Census** for Business

Business & Industry - Census Bureau Economic Statistics (Main page)

  • Here you will find links to:
    Manufacturers' shipments, US International Trade Stats, Annual Survey of Manufactures, County Business Patterns, Statistics of US Businesses, Economic Census, Survey of Business Owners
  • Industry Statistics Portal (Business Data from the US Census)

American Community Survey (Main Page)

American Factfinder
Enter a state, county, city, town, or zip code:
(Find popular facts (population, income, etc.) and frequently requested data about your community

United States Census 2010 - Homepage
View 2010 Census statistics for local areas down to the block level. Statistics include population counts, age, sex, race, ethnicity and household information.

SANDAG (link is external)[San Diego Association of Governments]  County planning and transportation for San Diego County
In San Diego the local arm of the Census is SanDAG the San Diego Association of Governments which takes census data and inteprets and augments the data for local economic and land use and transportation planning

Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS] The BLS is an independent national agency that collects and analyzes labor economic statistics. The data is supplied by the Current Population Survey and Current Employment Statistics, which result form collaboration between BLS and the Census Bureau.

Occupational Outlook Handbook from the BLS The OOH can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.

**Essential Census definitions:

Census:    Dicennial count on April 1 of the whole US population at that time.
American Community Survey ACS:   rolling monthy survey of a sample of 250,000 US households.   Reported as 1 year, 3 year and 5 year estimates.Z
Population Estimates Program PEP:  Cohort component method that accounts for changes in birth, death and migrations.

Confidence Interval   90%
Census Tract:  About 4,000 individuals
Census Block:   Subdivision of a tract
PUMA   Public Use Microdata Areas contain  PUMS Public Use Microdate Samples.  Aggregated census tracts, good alternative to counties

Group quarters (GQ) facilities.  Facilities where people live together that is managed by an organization.  May include custodial or medical care facilities.

Multiyear estimates and geography

1 year      > 65,000
3 year      > 20,000
5 year      > 4,000 (track level)

County level data not all in 1 year estimates.
PUMA have 1 and 3 year estimates.  Good alternative to Counties esp for urban areas where they represent subdivisions of counties.


Working with Margins of Error and some helpful web tools:
Consider the size of errors and adjust by size or time.

Cornell Program on Applied Demography. ACS Calculator for Margin of error
Missouri Census Data Center.   QUICK LINKS TO ACS Profile Report Calculator
American Community Survey Trends Reports are also accessible via the Missouri Census Data Center.


Tips for using the Census for business and economics demographics and population characteristics.

American Community Survey Guidance for Data Users.

Does the ACS have your subject or topic?

What data tool should I use?   Market analyst, business owner, non-profit administrator, regional planner, app developer, and others

Geography essentials and the ACS.   Whats a block (the smallest geographic unit), Tract (the next largest), whats available at County versus State level.

Use the Census for exact ten year  count

When to use 1-year, 3-year, 5-year estimates  There are differences in detail of data.

Read Comparing ACS data.  Use comparisons with caution, use the Table Comparison Lookup Tool


What the Business Community Needs to Know

Need info on using stats and sampling errors:   Handbook for Data Users. Look at  General Data Users Need

Need specialized data by government agency?

Current Population Survey (CPS) Dept of Labor Statistics tracks labor force characteristics




Business News

Business News

Business News

  • Change sort order to Newest Date first
  • Narrow by Subject (more options)

Business Source Premier (EBSCO)
Good for trade news and the only place to find Harvard Business Review (HBR selected not all).

Excellent for international and major business news.  (WSJ, NYT, Washington Post, San Diego Union-Tribune)

Factiva Tips!  

  • Change Date from 3 months to 2 years
  • Choose the NEWS PAGES on the black bar to get the latest 2 weeks WSJ, NYT, LA Times, Washington Post and others

Business News Publications

Newsbank:  America's News
Full text of major news sources including the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, and Press Enterprise


San Diego Union Tribune    Link here and print edition, see 3rd floor of the library (behind the research help desk).
San Diego Business Journal   Proquest ABI Inform and print edition, see 3rd floor of the library (behind the research help desk).
Press Enterprise Riverside County Newsbank


Bloomberg BusinessWeek   Full text through Business Sources Premier

Bloomberg Tip!  Search within this publication    top right


The Economist  (online) Full text link.  [via Proquest ABI Inform]  Free Economist gives only limited content

Financial Times (London) ABI Inform (Proquest)  Last month not available. 

Harvard Business Review  Ebsco - Business Source Premier -- Full text of Harvard business review.

HBR Tips!

  • Some full text not available electronically.  See paper edition  HF5001.H3 (4th floor periodicals)
  • Case studies are not available in this subscription

Trade and  Professional Associations  -- Industry Trending News

Look to trade association pages on the free web.  Many industry and news reports will identify them.  Some information is available free, but most are only available to members.  Get around this by searching the association name for news reports in the above databases.  Examples of trade and professional associations are the National Restaurant Association; American Library Association.

Find associations in the industry reports recommended here, such as First Research.  Search on the web using .org   Find references to associations in news article









Business uses directories for industry analysis, competitor analysis, marketing, supplier, customers.
Company directories provide individual and competitor details for:

  • Name
  • Address and other contacts
  • Key personnel
  • Revenue and Sales
  • Employee size
  • NAIC / SIC numbers

Databases by Subject -- Business (this link opens in a separate window so you can acces each of these recommended databases). 

Searching databases for private companies, non-profits, schools and other other organizations may require multiple trys in different sources. 

ReferenceUSA  US private and public businesses,  some nonprofits includes sales and employee numbers.  Executive contact info.

How to Find Franchises in ReferenceUSA     GBM 425

For your Final GBM 425 Falla 2019 assignment find a franchise in ReferenceUSA use these filters to limit to select according to your assignment instructions 

1. Advanced Search -- Keyword:  Franchise  
2. Headquarters --- Pick several states
3. Sales --- Over 1 Billion  or figure adequate to expand oversees

RefUSA Learning Center  ** Quick Training material, videos, and guides**  How to search for businesses, competitors, suppliers, jobs and internships, general consumer research. 

Step By Step Guide to RefUSA [Does not work waiting for software update.] Company & Competitor search  *** Custom Guide to get to competitors. ***

How to guides for all things ReferenceUSA

Addition options for company searches

2. Manta (Free web)

Factiva   Public company profiles.
Choose the Companies tab across the top first to find Company profiles, competitors, and latest news.

CQ FD Disclosure Conference Calls:  C-Level transcripts to analysts for Quarterly and Annual reports. 
To access:   Search name of company > Narrow on Left nav bar to Source:  Disclosure Reports


Hoovers In Depth Company Profiles (Proquest)
Public and some larger companies,  Short competitor list and executives.

Business Source Premier   Search for Company SWOT analysis, large companies only.  

Megent Online BUS 444

Excellent for public corporations worldwide, also limited info on private companies in US.  Annual report in-depth financials, detailed history and abiltiy to make custom reports and analyse competitors.  Financial analysis from annual report data and  research firms 

Company > Reports > Mergent Reports
Company > Competitors > Add all > Company Comparison Report 

Company Detais > Highlights (Health Check) 
Company Detais > Business segments (not required by the SEC but some reports available)
Company > Report Builder > Comparison Reports = against industry, or against Top 10, etc. 

California Business Entitites  Search for existing companies or file for new company name

Non-profit and charitable resource page
Recommended:  Charity Navigator, ERI Nonprofit Foundation Grant info. Foundation Center, Grant Search, GuideStar, IRS Master Tax File.

News articles on the web and library subscriptions.  Use .gov .org 


INDUSTRY DATA  Best place to start your industry analysis is by reviewing the BUS 302 Industry Reports how to apply Porter's, SWOTT, or Griffin.
The U.S. Census and use NAIC Industry Code for latest Industry Statistics.
Census --> Business and Industry --> Data by Geography




Industry Profiles (Industry overview reports)

Industry Research

Industry Reports  prepared by expert analysts in this premium content.  Offer a broad description and outlook at the macro environment of an industry, key trends, broad customer profiles and market or investment analysis of the industry.  Many databases offer the ability to search by NAICS code. 

IBISWorld  US Industry reports. Search by keyword OR NAIC code (uses 5 digits of 6 digit codes).     

Industry Research in over 700 reports by NAIC for the US. industry analysis, external, internal and economic, supply chain.  Some Global and International Reports

First Research  (Mergent Intellect)

Industry Research and Interview starter questions for exec levels.  Social Media feed updates on business and industry.

Mergent Online  Go to  the Report Search Tab to get to the industry reports. 
Use for major industries only,  global coverage. Especially useful for industries represented by publicly traded companies. Search by company or broad industry name.

ABI Inform / Complete  (Global )
Use the BROWSE   tab for publications on industry, commodities, and country reports.

  • BMI Country Industry Reports
  • BMI Global Oil Market Reports
  • BMI Industry Insight Reports
  • BMI Risk Reports

Business Source Premier (EbscoHost database) 

Marketline reports with global coverage. Each report contains statistics on industry market value, forecast, and market segmentation, competition and leading companies.  Look for Porter's Five Forces analysis.  Each report is 24 pages long, caution to look at dates may be older.



S&P Capital IQ  Industry Surveys HG4915 .S652  3rd Floor Reference [Print ONLY]

Excellent for in depth analysis industries representing large US corporations. Segments on Industry Trends, How an Industry Operates, How to Analyse a Company.  Its in print but it is the single best industry introduction source in this library.  Excellent source for more sources of information such as trade magazines, professional associations and regulators.

Industry Specific:

Hospitality --- BRASS Business Librarian recommendations for researching the hospitality industry. 

Fashion:  On the Front Lines when Currencies Shift

Local Industry Analysis 

San Diego Economic Development Industry Reports  (Website)
"San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC) regularly releases and sponsors research that provides a baseline of industry data to encourage and support economic investment. EDC also conducts studies on key industries and identify actions needed to spur growth in the region." (Source: San Diego Regional EDC).

San Diego Association of Governments [SANDAG] (Website)
          SANDAG serves as the forum for regional decision-making for the San Diego
          region. Resources such as Demographics and other data and publications will
          be of interest. 


Market Research Reports

Passport Euromonitor Global Industry Reports  Detailed reporting.  GBM 425  and SE MARKETING PROJECTS
Euromonitor Industry reports, in depth analysis on trends in consumer products and services industries, include market analyst reports and statistical data.  Country and consumer reseacher as well as economic, business and transport.

Financial Industry Analysis For those looking for more financial analysis. 

Bizminer   Detailed industry financial and industry market analysis.   9000 industries by sales.  Find reports at the national, state, county, metro and zip code.  Update 6/18:  Now shows Z-scores for credit strength and financial viability.

Industry Snapshots by NAIC from the census
Statistical profiles of US Industries by NAIC. 

Statistical Abstract of the United States (Proquest)
Excellent compilation of essential statistics to support other reports.  The source is often government and other agencies. 

Books on Industry in the library.

Hundreds of different industries are represented in the library catalog.
You will find whole books on the food industry, or service industries, craft beer, restaurants, etc.

Manufacturing Industries
Retail trade
Service Industries
Industry Profile United States (e-reports)



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