Teaching and Learning Department

Values and Guiding Principles

The Teaching and Learning (TAL) Department within the University Library is a team of faculty who aim to disturb the binary of teacher-student by demonstrating a level of care and non-judgment that supports students’ development into scholars and critical thinkers. We value:

  • A care-based, relational approach to supporting students’ research and creative work in an environment that is outside of a grading construct 
  • Meeting students’ needs with an equity lens
  • Demystifying academia
  • Validating students’ background, knowledge, and interests 
  • Creating transformational learning experiences
  • Fostering student agency and lifelong learning


The Librarians in Teaching and Learning create learning experiences that develop student-scholars.


  • Bring valued knowledge and experiences from their communities into the scholarly conversation  
  • Value diverse ways of knowing and forms of inquiry
  • Navigate and participate in a complex and constantly shifting information landscape to critically evaluate, use, and create knowledge 
  • Have agency in making informed, value-aligned decisions based on information that impact themselves, their families, and their communities
  • Develop their ability to engage in self-determined lifelong learning

To facilitate the development of student-scholars, TAL faculty:

  • Develop and foster relationships with college faculty to create transformative learning opportunities in first year experience curriculum, general education courses, and CSUSM major courses
  • Center students’ holistic needs in everything we do - from one-on-one interactions with students, to the intentional creation of learning experiences, to advocating for students across campus communities, and more


(Reviewed and updated Spring 2023)

Faculty and Staff

Allison Carr

Academic Transitions Librarian
(760) 750-4337
KEL 3425

Amanda Kalish

Instruction & Reference and Education Librarian
(760) 750-4390
KEL 3421

Jerry Limberg

Instruction and Reference Librarian
KEL 3303

Judith Opdahl

Business & Economics Librarian
(760) 750-4307
KEL 3424

Karen Tinajero Vazquez

Instruction and Reference Librarian
KEL 3303

Lalitha Nataraj

Social Sciences Librarian
(760) 750-4070
KEL 3427

Talitha Matlin

STEM Librarian
(760) 750-4342
KEL 3423

Torie Quiñonez

Arts & Humanities Librarian
(760) 750-4353
KEL 3426

Tricia Lantzy

Health Sciences & Human Services Librarian
(760) 750-4399
KEL 3419

Yvonne Meulemans

Head of Teaching and Learning
(760) 750-4375
KEL 3422