Teaching and Learning Department

Overview and Guiding Principles

The Teaching and Learning (TAL) Department within the University Library is a team of faculty and staff that aims to create learning experiences that develop student-scholars.

Student scholars:

  • Navigate an increasingly complex information landscape to critically evaluate, use, and create knowledge.

  • Seek to contribute to knowledge creation and sharing among experts in a field.

  • Engage with and contribute to their professional and personal communities.

To this end, TAL faculty:

  • Partner with college faculty to create transformative learning opportunities in first year experience curriculum, general education courses, and CSUSM majors.

  • Consider, implement, and assess a variety of pedagogies and practices that foster inquiry and curiosity in CSUSM students.


The Library is both physically and symbolically where students go to continue the research process beyond the classroom. It is often their first foray into independent research and where they go to process and contextualize the classroom or in-the-field experiences. The Library must be a place that facilitates and fosters knowledge creation and helps students navigate through the inherently transformative experience of higher education.

With this in mind, TAL is guided by the following to achieve the aforementioned aims:

  • Students’ abilities to find and use the research/professional literature cannot develop without an understanding of the scholarly research process, their role in the process, and the influence this process has on the world around them.

  • As active members of a scholarly community, students are critical evaluators, users, and creators of knowledge.

  • The academic experience can serve as a model to illustrate how to be an engaged and contributing member of one’s local, regional, and global community.

Faculty and Staff

Allison Carr

Academic Transitions Librarian
(760) 750-4337

Amanda Kalish

Instruction & Reference, Education, and Psychology Librarian
(760) 750-4390

Jerry Limberg

Instruction and Reference Librarian

Judith Opdahl

Business & Economics Librarian
(760) 750-4307

Lalitha Nataraj

Social Sciences Librarian
(760) 750-4070

Talitha Matlin

STEM Librarian
(760) 750-4342

Torie Quiñonez

Arts & Humanities Librarian
(760) 750-4353

Tricia Lantzy

Health Sciences & Human Services Librarian
(760) 750-4399

Virginia Velati Tirona

Instruction and Reference Librarian

Yvonne Meulemans

Head of Teaching and Learning
(760) 750-4375