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Consider these suggestions a beginning, once selected use the additional entry points as clues.

Charitable uses trusts and foundations
Community organization
Museum attendance
Nonprofit organizations
Keyword: nonprofit

990 returns
Foundation Center 990 Finder    An fast way to find financial filings for foundations, public charities and nonprofits.

Economic Research Institute ERI Nonprofit Organizations 
Directory and 990 Forms
Try searching: Associated Students of California State University San Marcos

Exempt Organizations: IRS Master File Data.
This IRS site lists tax-exempt organizations, by state, or region. Downloadable compressed excel files.

Recommended Databases

ProQuest Direct
Includes complete ABI Inform (business) and Newsstand publications.

Covers news and business information, including Dow Jones and Reuters newswires and The Wall Street Journal, plus more than 8,000 other sources providing current news.

General Sources

Pivot   Access to funding opportunities and research grants worldwide.  Important to narrow your search.  If using Pivot for Senior Experience projects  best to ask your professor or business librarian for best practices use.  There are also alternative sources available, just ask us.

Annual Register of Grant Support. AS911.A2 A67 2009 Research Help Desk
Corporate, private, and public funding opportunities as well as educational associations and unions. Each entry provides eligibility, procedures, deadlines, and contact information.

National Center for Charitable Statistics (Urban Institute)

Charity Navigator:  Student Recommended!
Charity directory and interactive financial evaluator

Find Funders: Foundation Center
Locate basic information by organization name, contact information and 990 IRS returns. Contains statistics on foundation and grant activity, search for RFP announcements for calls for grant applications.  Search and apply for Federal Grants, how to apply and community blogs.

GuideStar.orgFree registration required to view some content
A national registry of nonprofit organizations. Provides resources such as articles, regulations, resources for non-profit organizations and donor opportunities. Organization information including 990 returns.

The Foundation directory.  AS911.A2 F65 REFERENCE  Ask a CSUSM Librarian for referral to access.

Wise Giving Alliance Better Business Bureau

Selected Books

 Click to see:   E-books, Print books and videos in the library:   Subject Fund Raising Published 2010-2018.

Most recent titles --

Heyman, D., & Brenner, L. (2016). Nonprofit fundraising 101: A practical guide with easy to implement ideas & tips from industry experts.

Jean-François, E., Drew, S., Lankas, P., & Jean Francois, E. (2015). Financial sustainability for nonprofit organizations. New York: Springer Publishing Company.


Selected Journals

Article:  What We Know and Want to Know: About San Diego's Nonprofit Landscape - in The Voice of San Diego

Trade Journal - The Chronicle of Philanthropy - via EBSCOHost

Association Management. ProQuest Direct

Fund Raising Management. ProQuest Direct

Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing. HF5410 .J685 Pais, PsychInfo

Nonprofit management & Leadership. ProQuest Direct



Gov Info Non Governmental Sites

There are many organizations involved or interested in government activities at all levels. This page lists some sites that may be of use to the researcher.

Elections and Political Campaigns



Legislative and Legal

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Library Catalog Search (general template)

Physical & online books, media, and more can be located in the following ways:

  1. Search the Library Catalog (use dropdown left-hand side for search types: subject, author, etc.)
  2. Search for an e-book, choose an e-book database from the list and use the search bar to enter terms
    • Remember off-campus access requires log-in with CSUSM User ID and Password


Non Profit Books, eBooks and More (JSO 1/16)

When searching the collections for books on this topic try the following keywords and subject headings.

Charities | Charitible uses, trusts and foundations | Community organizations | Defferred giving | Endowments |  Foundations | Fund raising | Grants-in-aid | Non-profit organizations | Non-governmental organizations | Proposal writing for grants | Research Grants

Select books, eBooks, and more below

  1. Image of ebook.  Title Key Performance Indicators for government and non profit agencies   Key Performance Indicators for Governments and Non Profit Agencies [eBook]

  2. Image for Ebook titled Fundraising with Business: 40 New (and Improved!) Strategies for Nonprofits  Fundraising with Business: 40 new (and improved) Strategies for Nonprofits [eBook]

  3. Image and link to ebook titles Smart Stewardship for nonprofits  Smart Stewardship for Nonprofits: Making the Right Decision in Good Times and

  4.   Reaching Your Financial Goal: Crowdfunding and Grants [e-Video via Films on Demand]




Databases | Journals | Articles

Non Profit (Articles/Journals) JSO 1/16

Search articles and journals on nonprofits and fundraising topics in CSUSM's premium databases.


Select List of Journals    [Journal Title, Database containing Journal]

Association Management. ProQuest Direct

Fund Raising Management. ProQuest Direct

Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing. HF5410 .J685 Pais, PsychInfo

Nonprofit management & Leadership. ProQuest Direct


Business News

Business News

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Business Source Premier (EBSCO)
Good for trade news and the only place to find Harvard Business Review (HBR selected not all).

Excellent for international and major business news.  (WSJ, NYT, Washington Post, San Diego Union-Tribune)

Factiva Tips!  

  • Change Date from 3 months to 2 years
  • Choose the NEWS PAGES on the black bar to get the latest 2 weeks WSJ, NYT, LA Times, Washington Post and others

Business News Publications

Newsbank:  America's News
Full text of major news sources including the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, and Press Enterprise


San Diego Union Tribune    Link here and print edition, see 3rd floor of the library (behind the research help desk).
San Diego Business Journal   Proquest ABI Inform and print edition, see 3rd floor of the library (behind the research help desk).
Press Enterprise Riverside County Newsbank


Bloomberg BusinessWeek   Full text through Business Sources Premier

Bloomberg Tip!  Search within this publication    top right


The Economist  (online) Full text link.  [via Proquest ABI Inform]  Free Economist gives only limited content


Harvard Business Review  Ebsco - Business Source Premier -- Full text of Harvard business review.

HBR Tips!

  • Some full text not available electronically.  See paper edition  HF5001.H3 (4th floor periodicals)
  • Case studies are not available in this subscription

Trade and  Professional Associations  -- Industry Trending News

Look to trade association pages on the free web.  Many industry and news reports will identify them.  Some information is available free, but most are only available to members.  Get around this by searching the association name for news reports in the above databases.  Examples of trade and professional associations are the National Restaurant Association; American Library Association.

Find associations in the industry reports recommended here, such as First Research.  Search on the web using .org   Find references to associations in news article





Websites | Tools

Nonprofit Websites JSO 1/16

Associations | Organizations | Tools (for Nonprofits)

  • Alliance for Nonprofit Management
    The Alliance is committed to identifying and exploring both academic and practitioner research and field experiences in peer-to-peer exchanges designed to identify what we need to know to increase the effectiveness, capacity and impact of the social sector. (Source: About the Alliance).
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals
    For 50 years, AFP has been the standard-bearer for professionalism in fundraising. (Source Vision & Mission: AFP).
    • Resource Center
      The AFP Resource Center provides members and other fundraising professionals with customized research assistance on fundraising issues and best practices. (Source: Resource Center).
  • Foundation Center
    Locate basic information by organization name, contact information and 990 IRS returns. Contains statistics on foundation and grant activity, search for RFP announcements for calls for grant applications.
  • The San Diego Foundation
    As one of the nation’s leading community foundations, The San Diego Foundation strives to improve San Diegans’ quality of life by creating equity and ensuring opportunities to be WELL (Work, Enjoy, Live & Learn). Established in 1975, we now manage more than 1,900 funds, which have raised in excess of $900 million to support nonprofit organizations that do good throughout our community. (Source: About Us: The San Diego Foundation).
    • Studies & Reports  The San Diego Foundation helps community members better understand challenges and opportunities in our region by collaborating with strategic partners to publish a wide range of studies, reports and publications. (Source: Studies & Reports)
  • IRS Exempt Organizations File
    The Exempt Organization Business Master File Extract (EO BMF) includes cumulative information on exempt organizations.
  • IRS Statistics of Income [SOI] Charitable & Exempt Organizations Statistics
    Links to the Statistics of Income studies relating to the tax-exempt sector.
  • Charity Navigator:  
    Charity directory and interactive financial evaluator.
  • GuideStar.orgFree registration required to view some content
    A national registry of nonprofit organizations. Provides resources such as articles, regulations, resources for non-profit organizations and donor opportunities. Organization information including 990 returns.
  • Wise Giving Alliance Better Business Bureau
    The BBB Wise Giving Alliance helps donors make informed giving decisions and promotes high standards of conduct among organizations that solicit contributions from the public. It produces reports about national charities, evaluating them against comprehensive Standards for Charity Accountabilityand publishes a magazine, theWise Giving Guide, three times a year. (Source: More About us: BBB WGA).
  • National Center for Charitible Statistics  Use the tools to locate statistics, nonprofits by state & county and more!
    The National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) is the national repository of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States. Its mission is to develop and disseminate high quality data on nonprofit organizations and their activities for use in research on the relationships between the nonprofit sector, government, the commercial sector, and the broader civil society. (Source: About The National Center for Charitable Statistics).
  •  Resource for Nonprofits
    a streamlined collection of information for nonprofit organizations and people who work, volunteer, and care for them. (Source: Resources for Nonprofit organizations).
  • NOZASearch Registration Required for free Foundation search



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