The Virginia Hansen Curriculum Room

Virginia Hansen

The Virginia Hansen Curriculum Room 

The Virginia Hansen Curriculum Room, located on the 5th floor of the University Library (KEL 5106), was created as part of The Virginia Hansen Endowment fund, established in the School of Education through the generosity of Mr. Victor Hansen. It is intended to honor the work and memory of Mrs. Virginia Hansen, who dedicated her life to being the best teacher possible for the children in her care, and as a cooperating teacher, she helped numerous student teachers hone their knowledge and skills in the classroom.

Virginia Hansen Curriculum Workroom Policy

The Virginia Hansen Curriculum Workroom is in a room off of The Virginia Hansen Curriculum Room. It is a place where School of Education (SoE) and Speech Language Pathology (SLP) students can access die cuts, laminating machine, butcher paper, and other curriculum equipment/materials. However, please note that students require faculty accompaniment while they are in the workroom. To get a key for the room, current SoE and SLP faculty should go to the 3rd floor Checkout Desk and show their faculty ID cards. SoE and SLP faculty are responsible for the proper use of workroom materials and must be present in the workroom with their students at all times. 

Students, please contact your SoE/SLP instructor to make arrangements to use the workroom. Only SoE/SLP faculty can checkout the key to use the room; students are not permitted to check out the workroom key.

If you have questions about this workroom policy, please contact the School of Education: (760) 750-4300

*There is no food or opened drinks allowed in the Virginia Hansen Curriculum areas.  All drinks must be in spill-resistant beverage containers.*