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GEL Intro - Overview

Information Literacy Module

This course guide will provide instructors with lesson plans and materials that will fulfill the Information Literacy & College Level Research student learning outcomes for GEL:

  • Formulate a research topic and write a relevant thesis
  • Use a variety of print and electronic resources to locate and retrieve information related to thesis
  • Critique scholarly vs. popular press literature
  • Write a college level research report (in APA style) and produce a related oral presentation


If you've taught GEL before, you will notice some changes for the research sessions in 2018-19, notably: 

  • Librarian sessions
    Students will spend 1 week in the library instead of 2 weeks. Librarians will not be grading student assignments, so you will need to determine how to re-allocate the 150 points that were previously graded by the librarian.
  • Research Assignment and Open Education Resources
    The librarians have created a scaffolded research assignment as well as accompanying lesson plans and learning objects to support the research learning outcome for GEL. These materials are completely customizable -- they can be used as-is or modified to your heart's desire.

Lesson Plans and Materials

Lesson Plans and Materials

GEL Intro - Materials

All materials can be found in the CSUSM Library's Google Drive

Any of these materials that are created by CSUSM Librarians are covered under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 license.

Materials include: 

  • Scaffolded research assignment
    • Research prompt and extended outline, with two checkin points
  • Lesson plans and materials
    • Before coming to the library (delivered by GEL instructor)
    • Library sessions (delivered by a librarian)
    • After the library sessions (delivered by GEL instructor)

These suggested lesson plans are broken into 6 separate lessons, but can be distributed throughout the semester. 

How to download/modify these materials

  1. View the materials in the CSUSM Library Google Drive.
  2. Download the files you want/need:
    1. File --> Download As: (Word doc, pdf, etc.), OR
      1. Edit/Modify in your file editor of choice (such as Microsoft Word or Open Office)
    2. File --> Add to My Drive
      1. Edit/Modify in Google Drive
  3. Make relevant materials available to students:
    1. Print out/copy and distribute in person, OR
    2. Upload to Cougar Courses

Image showing how to download Google docs

Information Literacy Toolkit

Information Literacy Toolkit

GEL IL Toolkit - links

The CSUSM Librarians have created and/or collected the following materials that support the Information Literacy & College Ready Research learning outcomes for GEL. You may wish to incorporate these as additional tutorials/readings throughout the semester that are not already in the lesson plans. 

Materials that have been integrated into the lesson plans are indicated with an asterisk (*).

APA Help


College Level Reading

Thesis Statements

Annotated Bibliographies

Research Process

Scholarly Articles


Videos - University Library



Schedule a Training

Schedule a Training

GEL Intro - Training

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