University Library Reports & Statistics

The University Library regularly uses assessment, statistical gathering and in-depth studies to facilitate learning about the needs of our users (and non-users) and evaluating how well the library supports these needs, in order to improve library facilities and services. The Library has developed a “culture of assessment” by involving all employees in the assessment process and in improving library services. Evidence-based assessment methods are encouraged in order to collect objective, user-centered data for use in decision making. Several reports are included below. Please contact Library Administration for additional information about the library, (760) 750-4330.

Customer Satisfaction surveys

Since 2006, the University Library has participated in the university’s periodic Customer Satisfaction surveys. Over 20 university departmental surveys are available in recent CSUSM Customer Satisfaction surveys and participants can choose to respond to one or more survey sections. In the last two surveys, a majority of the people who participated in the CSUSM Customer Survey chose to take the Library portion of the survey and it has been the top choice of students responding to the CSUSM Customer Satisfaction Survey. The Library portion of the recent surveys assesses user satisfaction in six key areas: library access, library materials (including off-campus books/articles, reserves, and Media Library), conducting library research, catalog collections, library resources, and the library building.

Overall Results for the 2015/16 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Survey of Faculty Research Needs

The University Library introduced a new kind of survey into its repertoire in 2017 focused just on our faculty. The goal of the University Library Survey of Faculty Research Needs was to inform the Library about the changing research and instructional needs of CSUSM faculty in order to help us plan for the right strategy and mix of services to carry forward into the future. This survey will specifically address three of the library’s strategic goals:


  1. Strategic Direction 4., Goal 4. Conduct an annual campus-wide survey to more systematically make decisions based on user needs.
  2. Strategic Direction 4., Goal 5. Undertake assessments to identify and prioritize approaches to further facilitate and support faculty research through library resources, services, and/or staff.
  3. Strategic Direction 2. Goal 4. Promote and support open access scholarly communication in partnership with faculty.

The University Library Survey of Faculty Research Needs took place January 19, 2017 – February 15, 2017. The survey used the Ithaka S+R 2015 Faculty Survey Instrument. Specifically, it used four modules from the instrument: 1.) Core National Questionnaire – to cover basic topics judged important by Ithaca and to enable comparison with other US college libraries; 2.) Market Research – to cover overall impressions and usage of support services; 3.) Material Types and Formats – to cover the role and value of various types of materials, including formal publications and primary source materials, for research and teaching and the role of print and digital versions of scholarly journals and monographs; 4.) Scholarly Communication – to cover valued publishing services, including academic conferences and issues of copyright and article deposit.

Of the 838 faculty members that received the survey invitation:

  • 231 respondents clicked on the link to the survey (about 28% of total invitees who received the invitation)
  • Of those, 222 started the survey (about 26%)
  • Of those, 139 have completed the survey (about 17%) [and 83 partially completed the survey]