Faculty and Staff

Every semester, the University Library invites students, faculty, and staff to visit and utilize our context exhibit space to enrich their courses and promote lifelong learning. Our diverse and inclusive exhibits touch upon a variety of themes present in courses, making them a perfect inclusion to enhance student learning. 


How to Incorporate the Context Exhibit into your Courses 
  • Schedule a tour of the exhibit space or lead a tour for your class (see below how to schedule a tour)
  • Create assignments that revolve around the themes of the exhibition or art works 
  • Attend related events such as receptions, artist talks, and or workshops 
  • Have students visit the exhibit or attend events as extra credit (we can provide documents/stamps to prove they visited/attended)


  • Be a speaker and/or performer at one of our programs 
  • Propose an exhibition and or artist 
  • Work with us to sponsor an event
  • Promote events and the gallery to your students! 




To schedule a tour, please fill out our Tour Request Form or contact Irma Ramos Arreaga, the Outreach Librarian, at iramos@csusm.edu. To discuss possible collaboration or ways to incorporate the exhibit into your courses, please contact Irma!


Need Help? Contact . . . 

Irma Ramos Arreaga

Outreach & Inclusion Librarian



Office Location: 

KEL 3306

Office Hours: 

By appointment