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Policy on Group Study Rooms in Kellogg Library

The group study rooms are intended for current student academic use only.  Faculty and staff members needing rooms should contact Event and Conference Services, x8800.

The Library has group study rooms available on the 2nd, 4th and 5th floors. Some rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis however, these room may be reserved up to one hour in advance of the reservation start time.

Group study rooms are intended for GROUPS OF TWO OR MORE PEOPLE. A single person may be asked to vacate a study room to accommodate a group of two or more people.

Room Reservations

Reservations have priority. If using a group study room without a valid reservation, the room must be vacated when asked by a group with a valid reservation.

Room reservations are for a maximum of three hours per day. Reserving a room for longer than the 3 hour limit, the reservation may be lost which allows for another group to use the room.

Please keep the group study room confirmation email receipt until the reservation date has passed. There is a ten minute grace period for reservations. If the group is not present within ten (10) minutes of the start of the reserved time, the reservation will be lost, and another group may use the room.

Save your reservation confirmation e-mail as it will be used to verify the reservation in the event that two groups claim to have a reservation for the same room and time.

Group study rooms are very popular so please delete a room reservation as soon as possible when it’s determined the room is not needed. The room reservation must be deleted by the person who reserved the room. Use the reservation calendar and click the room, day and time then select Delete Entry.

Use of Rooms

White board markers and erasers, HDMI cables and adapters are available for loan from the 3rd floor circulation desk.

Drinks in covered containers and small individual snacks are allowed in the group study rooms.

Doors to the group study rooms are to be kept closed when in use to minimize noise flow to the rest of the library.

Cell phones may only be used in the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor elevator lobbies not in the group study rooms.

Need assistance with locating an open group study room, or questions regarding the group study rooms, please contact the circulation desk on the third floor of the Library either in-person or at x4348 from the house wall phones near the elevator lobbies. Callers using non-campus phones with questions regarding the group study rooms should call 760/750-4348 or email

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