Food & Drink Policy

Keep Kellogg Library clean - Stay Fueled, put a Lid on it, snacks permitted, covered beverages only. Eat clean and leave no trace

Snack food and drinks are allowed in the CSUSM University Library if those items are consumed responsibly and with consideration to other library users.

  • All drinks must be in spill-resistant beverage containers.
  • Personal-sized snacks, sandwiches, or wrapped items are OK.
  • Food deliveries, food parties, and group meals are not allowed except in relation to official campus or library sponsored events.
  • Food-free zones are designated to protect research materials and special-use spaces and are indicated by signage.

CSUSM University Library users must:

  • Report spills immediately to a staff member.
  • Dispose of trash and recycling in appropriate containers.

It is at the discretion of library staff to determine whether a user is causing excessive disruption or distraction to other library users with their food/drink.

The CSUSM University Library food and drink policy is subject to change as needed based on campus and regional health guidelines.

Rev. 8/25/22

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