The Power of Knowledge Digital Storytelling Rubric

Film Runtime

Film Theme

Title of Film

Content of Film

Recommend Film for Showing?

Between 1-2 minutes

Film clearly fits under the common read theme of “The Power of Knowledge”

The title is engaging and fully captures the essence of the film

Content is non-vulgar, respectful, and images are appropriate for a public performance

Yes, highly recommend

More than 2 minutes

Film somewhat fits under “The Power of Knowledge” theme

Title is somewhat engaging and captures some essence of the film

Content uses some explicit language but images and content are respectful and appropriate for public performance

Possibly recommend with some more discussion needed to determine

Less than 1 minute

Film does not fit under “The Power of Knowledge theme”

Title is not engaging and has nothing to do with the film

Content is not appropriate for public performance due to heavy use of offensive language and/or images

No, do NOT  recommend