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Subject Areasort icon Librarian Email Telephone
Anthropology Melanie Chu (760)750-4378
Biochemistry Talitha Matlin (760)750-4342
Biology Talitha Matlin (760)750-4342
Biotechnology Talitha Matlin (760)750-4342
Border Regional Studies Melanie Chu (760)750-4378
Business Ann Fiegen (760)750-4365
Chemistry Talitha Matlin (760)750-4342
Communication Allison Carr (760)750-4337
Computer Science Talitha Matlin (760)750-4342
Criminology and Justice Studies Allison Carr (760)750-4337
Economics Ann Fiegen (760)750-4365
Education Toni Olivas (760)750-4333
Ethnic Studies Melanie Chu (760)750-4378
Find Books Jorie Porter (760)750-4332
General Education Jorie Porter (760)750-4332
Geography Melanie Chu (760)750-4378
Global Studies Allison Carr (760)750-4337
Government Documents Judith Downie (760)750-4374
Government Information & Law Judith Downie (760)750-4374
Help for Your Research Jorie Porter (760)750-4332
History Judith Downie (760)750-4374
Human Development Tricia Lantzy (760)750-4399
Interdisciplinary Melanie Chu (760)750-4378
Kinesiology Tricia Lantzy (760)750-4399
Liberal Studies Melanie Chu (760)750-4378
Mass Media Allison Carr (760)750-4337
Mathematics Talitha Matlin (760)750-4342
Nursing Tricia Lantzy (760)750-4399
Physics Talitha Matlin (760)750-4342
Political Science Allison Carr (760)750-4337
Professional Development Jorie Porter (760)750-4332
Psychology Yvonne Meulemans (760)750-4375
Research Guides Jorie Porter (760)750-4332
Research Help Jorie Porter (760)750-4332
Research Tools Jorie Porter (760)750-4332
Science Talitha Matlin (760)750-4342
Social Work Tricia Lantzy (760)750-4399
Sociology Allison Carr (760)750-4337
Spanish Toni Olivas (760)750-4333
Speech-Language Pathology Tricia Lantzy (760)750-4399
Subject Guides Jorie Porter (760)750-4332
Tips & Tools Jorie Porter (760)750-4332
Women's Studies Allison Carr (760)750-4337
Workshop Jorie Porter (760)750-4332