A must for every student who is working on a research paper. Zotero seamlessly integrates with the Firefox web browser to make your research life 1000x more productive (and less painful). And it's free!

What is Zotero?

Zotero makes it easy to grab citations from the web. Found an article via Google Scholar? Click one icon and it's saved to your bibliography in Zotero. Useful book in the library catalog? Click a button and it's saved. As you build your list of sources, Zotero helps you keep them organized.

But that's not all.

Every item you save is easily exported in the citation style specified by your instructor. Do you use Word? The Zotero Word plugin inserts citations and keeps track of all your references so you can easily generate your bibliography. If you sign-up for a free Zotero account, your data is backed up securely online and accessible from anywhere on the web.

To learn more Zotero awesomeness (yes, there’s more), visit our Zotero guide today or ask a librarian.