Use of Faculty Center Patio in the University Library

California State University San Marcos


Implementation Date: October 30, 2007

  1. The patio is on the second floor of the University Library, with a western exposure. The patio is furnished with a complement of tables, chairs, umbrellas, and benches. The 2nd floor deck is a no smoking area.
  2. Use of the patio requires prior reservation through Event Scheduling.  The Faculty Center has priority scheduling of the patio, and reserves the patio during the lunch hour (11:30a-1:30p) Monday through Friday during the academic year.
    1. The only authorized entry/egress for non-Faculty Center events is through the key-access door in the second floor stairwell. There is no entry/egress for non-Faculty Center events through the Faculty Center patio door.
    2. Non-emergency entry/egress through the emergency doors on the north and south end of the patio is expressly forbidden.
  3. Guidelines for Use of the Patio
    1. There is no electrical outlet on the patio.
    2. The KEL 2412 kitchen is an active Faculty Center workspace. Reservation of KEL 2413 or the patio does not guarantee access to 2412.
    3. If the proposed event is to be catered and a caterer set-up area (counters; electricity) is needed, the event host group shall request both KEL 2413 conference room and the adjacent kitchen KEL 2412. If either 2413 or 2412 is not available, then catering set-up will not be approved.
    4. Caterers must access the kitchen through the KEL 2413 conference room (enter through 2nd floor hall door). Caterers and event participants may not access the kitchen through the Faculty Center suite (KEL 2400).
    5. If there is to be any modification of the patio furniture arrangement (i.e., rearrangement of existing furniture or addition of other furniture), the event host group will contract with Facilities Services to make the changes and to return existing furniture to its normal configuration. 
      1. There will be no amplified sound with the exception of a mic for speaking. 
      2. If the Library and/or 2nd floor computer lab are open during the proposed event, music will not be allowed.
    6. After the event, the event host group will assume the cost for any damage, clean up or furniture rearrangement necessary.
    7. Facilities Services will empty trash cans daily and recycle cans as appropriate.
    8. Facilities Services will regularly clean the tables and sweep the deck.
  4. Scheduling
    1. The Faculty Center has priority scheduling of the patio.
    2. Others request use of the patio through Event and Conference Services.
  5. Key Procedures
    1. The event host group is responsible for obtaining the key to the 2nd floor stairwell door from the Faculty Center and returning it to the Faculty Center.

This protocol has been jointly drafted in consultation by the Faculty Center and the Dean of the Library.

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