Save Yourself

 Protect Yourself-- Save Frequently! 

 Make sure to save your work frequently. We've seen students accidently lose entire
 research papers and presentations by forgetting to save their work properly.

 Hitting "save" is not enough...

  • Select "SAVE AS" to pick where you save your files. If you don't, anything saved to the "C drive" or temporary files will be lost when you log out.

  • Choose your "H drive"-- your student storage space, which looks like your log-in (e.g. Brown018). You can access your H drive from anywhere using Cougar Apps.


  • Choose your "flash drive" (USB or memory stick) to take your documents anywhere with you.

 Need help? Ask at the Student Technology Help Desk (University Library 2nd floor),
 email, or call (760) 750-6505.