Procedures for After-hours Use of Kellogg Instruction Labs

These guidelines are for library instruction before or after regular Library hours. Others scheduling the Labs must make arrangements as listed elsewhere in the “Policy for the use of Instruction Labs in the University Library.”

Using the following guidelines the librarian should:

  1. Complete and return After Hours form in the Library Administration office at least one-week prior to the instruction.
  2. Ensure that the course instructor will be present.
  3. Notify the Coordinator for Teaching and Learning Department (T&L) of the course name and number, instructor name, date and time of the class being scheduled.
  4. Notify the Supervisor and Lead in User Services.
  5. Notify the T&L Coordinator if the instructor-of-record will NOT be present during the class so that either the Coordinator or another T&L librarian can be present.

The instructor-of-record, the instruction librarian, and one other designated person must be present to secure the exit/entrance of students after-hours. If the building cannot be secured and/or if only the instruction librarian will be present in the classroom during this instruction time, the librarian will be required to schedule the class in a non-Kellogg lab.

  • The Instructor must record statistics for these instruction sessions in the specific tab in the T&L statistics form. These statistics will be kept for future review and will record the following:
  • Date of session and time of day (am or pm)
  • Class/course number and instructor’s name
  • Number of students
  • Instruction Lab room number, or other facility room number used if necessary. Include if students needed to go to other parts of the library (e.g. reference, stacks).
  • Staffing needed: Number and cost, if available
  • Note any comments or issues