Policy for the After Hours Use of the Cal State San Marcos Library

Scope of Policy: 
Covers classes or meetings not open to the public, for which a library staff member is a sponsor.

Library = the organizational unit
library staff = library faculty and staff


Occasionally it is necessary for a class or meeting to be held in the library at a time when the library is not scheduled to be open.  Only library staff members may use the library after hours.  Whenever it is necessary for the library to be used after hours, the requesting library staff member should submit one copy of the After Hours Use Form (attached below or on paper at the Check-Out Desk) to the library office.  These steps should be followed:

Approval signatures needed:

Classes:  T&L Coordinator or coordinator’s designee; Library Dean or Associate Dean; and User Services Coordinator

Meetings:  Library Dean or Associate Dean and User Services Coordinator

Loading dock access:  If loading dock access is necessary for a class or meeting, the signature of the Lead Library Assistant, Acquisitions, is required in addition to those above.


A Cal State San Marcos Library staff member is assigned the responsibility of opening, closing and securing the library as necessary.  Staff member must be present during the function, and will not allow general users into the library - locking entry doors after participants arrive.  As a safety precaution a second person should be present to help close the library.  Both persons’ names should appear on the After Hours Use Form.

Library Office Responsibilities

  • Contact Locksmith Michael Treadway (Ext. 4610) for information on opening/ closing/ securing the library.
  • Fax completed After Hours Use Form to University Police. (48 hours advance notice)
  • Fax completed After Hours Use Form to Facilities Services to arrange for lights/HVAC to be available. (48 hours advance notice)


rev. 8/9/05-Library Council

Need help?

Please contact:

Library Dean's Office
(760) 750-4330
(760) 750-4350