Physics Citations (General)

In Physics, you should cite according to the style for a particular journal. APS provides journal-specific guidelines for authors. 

In general, you can refer to the style guide for Physical Review Letters.

Some examples:

  • Journal articles
    A. B. Last Name, Journal Title Abbreviation Vol, Issue (Year). 

    J. M. Smith, Phys. Rev. B 26, 1 (1982). 

  • Entire book
    A. B. Last Name, Book Title (Publisher, City, Year), Vol, pages.

    J. M. Smith, Molecular Dynamics (Academic, New York, 1980), Vol. 2, p. 20.

  • Chapter in an edited book
    A. B. Last Name, in Book Title, edited by C. Last Name (Publisher, City, Year).

    J. M. Smith, in Molecular Dyanmics, edited by C. Brown (Academic, New York, 1980). 

  • Proceedings
    A. B. Last Name, in Proceedings Title, edited by C. Last Name (Publisher, City, Year) pages.

    J. M. Smith, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, edited by C. Brown (University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1958), p. 201.