Mathematics Citations (General)

amsrefs citations

For many CSUSM Mathematics courses, you need to use amsrefs to manage your citations. amsrefs requires LaTeX-specific formatting for the citations to appear correctly in your paper.

You can easily copy/paste the amsrefs bibliographic information directly from MathSciNet.

  1. In the full MathSciNet record, select "AMSRefs" from the drop-down menu above the record information.

    Image of AMSRefs drop down menu in MathSciNet


  2. The resulting screen will display the markup code for the citation. Copy/paste the text into a text editor of your choice or directly into LaTeX.
    Image of markup code for citation


  3. If you found a source from a database other than MathSciNet, check MR Lookup to verify that you have the correct citation information to include in your bibiliography. Follow steps 1-2 to find the markup code for your citation.

More LaTeX and amsrefs help

For more help using LaTeX and amsrefs, refer to the following:

  • Ethan Duckworth's LaTeX guides. These are very user-friendly and comprehensive. Especially helpful are the following:
    • How to write mathematics
    • How to format the page
    • How to make cross references
  • The AMS has created the User's Guide to amsrefs, which includes detailed instructions on how to enter your citation information in LaTeX.
    • Refer to section 5.1 on different bibliography entry types. amsrefs supports the following types of materials: article, book, misc, report, thesis, and webpage.