The Makery Safety Standards and Policies

The Makery at CSUSM Library

General Safety Guidelines

•   All users must adhere to general safety guidelines while in the makerspace

Emergency Information

•   In the event of an emergency, users should follow evacuation protocols

•   Maintain familiarity with emergency procedures, including the location of fire
extinguishers, first aid kits, and emergency exits

•   Maintain familiarity with locations of emergency equipment, including fire
extinguishers, first aid kits, and emergency exits

Emergency Procedures

•   Users must familiarize themselves

Equipment-Specific Safety Precautions

•   Adhere to specific safety guidelines provided for each machine in the makerspace

   -  This includes understanding emergency stop procedures and proper shutdown

•   Follow recommended guidelines for material usage

Foam Cubes

•   Climbing or standing on foam cubes is prohibited (though sitting on the cubes is

•   Foam cubes cannot be removed from The Makery, though we encourage patrons to
rearrange and/or re-stack them

• Jumping or running into foam cubes is prohibited (however, patrons may push or
shove the foam cubes)
• Foam cube structured may be knocked over, but the area must first be clear
Electrical Safety

•   Do not daisy-chain power cords/strips

•   Do not unplug equipment unless directed to, request help from staff or student
assistants if needed

•   Do not carry or drink liquids near equipment supplied by electricity

Restricted Access

•   Some equipment and supplies require controlled access. These items (listed in the
General Information document under Equipment & Tools: Controlled Use) must be
requested from staff or student assistants.

First Aid

•  Know the location of the nearest first aid kit and emergency response procedures
Report any injuries or accidents to makerspace staff

•   Ensure that your attire is secure and won't pose a risk during equipment operation

   -  If applicable, avoid loose clothing, dangling jewelry, or anything that could get
caught in machinery

   -  Tie back long hair to prevent it from getting entangled in equipment

Workspace Organization

•   Keep your workspace clean, organized, and free of clutter

•   Properly store tools and materials when not in use

Machine-Specific Guidelines

•  3D Printer
   - Users must receive training on the operation of the 3D printer
   - Avoid touching the heated components during operation
   - Remove completed prints promptly to ensure the smooth flow of operations
•  Silhouette Cameo Cutter
   - Users must be trained to operate the Silhouette Cameo cutter safely
   - Keep hands clear of the cutting area during operation
   - Ensure work surface is clear both in front and behind cutter
•  Sewing Machines and Embroidery Machines
   - Users must be trained on the proper use of sewing and embroidery machines
   - Keep hands clear of moving parts while machines are in operation
Training and Certification

•   Prior to first-time use of equipment, users are required to undergo training sessions
conducted by makerspace staff or student assistants

   -  Users must understand proper usage, safety procedures, and emergency protocols

       Supervision and Assistance

•   Users are encouraged to seek assistance from makerspace staff when unfamiliar
with equipment or procedures

•   Guidance and/or supervision is provided during operation of equipment as needed

Prohibited Materials

•   The use of prohibited materials (flammable, toxic, or otherwise hazardous) is strictly
•   Users must only use materials provided or approved by the makerspace and
makerspace staff
Prohibited Activities

•   Engaging in any unsafe practices, unauthorized modifications to equipment, or using
equipment for unintended purposes is strictly prohibited

Personal Safety

•   Users are responsible for their personal safety and the safety of others
•   Report any unsafe conditions or behaviors promptly to makerspace staff

Reporting Incidents

•   Report any accidents, injuries, or damage to equipment to makerspace staff


•   Repeated failure to comply with safety standards and policies may result in a
suspension of makerspace or library privileges