Kellogg Library Closure Protocol

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The Campus Closure Policy of California State University San Marcos (a supplement to the CSUSM Emergency Management Plan) dictates the circumstances under which the campus may need to be closed and the procedures for affecting that closure.   In certain circumstances, the Library may need to close even though the entire campus has not been closed.  This document details the policies and procedures for closing in those circumstances only.  During a campus emergency, the Campus Closure Policy takes precedence.

Reasons for closing

Library policy is to remain open during published hours whenever possible.  However, there may be unsafe conditions which require the Library to close because of concerns for library users and/or library staff. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to:

Excessive temperature (hot or cold) in the Library
No lights in the Library, especially after dark
Lack of water in the Library or other conditions creating unsafe working conditions
Lack of HVAC in the Library

Decision structure

During normal business hours, the Library Dean’s Office will contact Facilities to determine how long the unsafe condition will continue.  The Dean or Dean’s designee, in consultation with the UPD Incident Commander, will decide if the Library should be closed and, if so, notify the Provost.

Outside of normal business, hours University Police Department will be contacted by the Library’s on site supervisor. In general, if the condition will only last an hour, the Library will remain open.  If the condition lasts longer than an hour, and the Library is scheduled to be open longer than that, the Access Services Manager or the Manager’s designee will determine if circumstances require the Library to be closed.  He/she will contact the Dean of the Cal State San Marcos Library, or the Dean’s designee, (or in their absence the Access Services Manager) who in consultation with the campus UPD Incident Commander, will decide if the Library should be closed and, if so, notify the Provost. 

Signage will be posted to notify anyone coming to the Library that it is closed.   Kellogg Homeowners whose offices are open will be notified by telephone.   If the closure extends into the next business day, the Dean or Dean’s designee, in consultation with the Provost, will develop a plan to notify the wider campus community as well as those who work in the Kellogg Library.

Closing Procedure

University police will lock all card access doors and attempt to ensure that Kellogg has been completely evacuated to the extent possible, and that the building is secure. 


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