Guidelines for Caterers

California State University San Marcos University Library - Guidelines for Caterers

     The University Library provides primary support for CSU San Marcos academic programs.  At the heart of the academic horseshoe, it is a complex building with multiple tenants. 

     We expect caterers providing services in the University Library to follow good business practices, including the guidelines below in order to help preserve this special campus resource. 

--University Homeowners Association

  1. The street address for the University Library service drive is 555 Campus View Drive.  Check in at the Shipping/ Mail Room at the University Library loading dock.
  2. Transport all food in sealed containers.
  3. Transport all liquids in screwtop or otherwise spillproof containers.
  4. Transport ice in a manner that prevents seepage or drips.
  5. Clean up any spills immediately.
  6. Report to your on-site event contact any serious spills that you cannot completely clean up.
  7. Assume responsibility for the cost of cleaning or of repairing damage resulting from spills created by catering staff.
  8. Remove own trash from the premises.  If vendor can't comply with this stipulation, the event organizer must schedule an additional trash pick up with Facilities Services and a trash pick-up fee will be charged.  Recyclable discards such as glass/ plastic containers and aluminum cans are to be placed in the appropriate campus recycling containers.


To be completed by Caterer:


I have read the above guidelines and agree to follow them.


Signed: ___________________________________________   Date: ______________


for (name of caterer) _____________________________________________________


Return the signed form to Daphne Killion, Library Dean's Office, University Library at least 24 hours before event.





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