Google Books

What can Google Books do for you?

A search will reveal a large number of results, just like with any other internet search. You are getting a more focused portion of the internet as this is only searching books which have been scanned by Google in collaboration with some large universities. 

Problem is there are limitations set by publishers and copyright law on accessing full text.

Google is:

  • providing high-quality scans of searchable text.
  • including citations to books and snippets of books as well as full text of materials that are out of copyright or have provided permission for access.
  • including older journals and some government documents in this collection.
  • helping you discover what has been published in books that may not be available locally.

Google does NOT:

  • provide full text access to all documents found through a search. There is a mix of fully-available, text snippets, and citation only.
  • provide information on how results are ranked.
  • sort results by topic area.
  • allow printing of the text you locate.
  • tell you if the material is available through other means via CSUSM.


  • Who else but your librarian? We are experts at solving the difficult and commited to providing access to the information you need.
  • How to find a title from Google Books:

    Here is a sample of some results on a search for "great war" and nursing and what they mean:

    • Be sure the title is a BOOK and search the title in our library catalog using a TITLE search. 
    • If CSUSM does not own the material, you have the option of ordering the material through Circuit from the record OR Interlibrary Loan at You will be asked to register during your first use to verify your contact and delivery information as you will be notified by email when the item has arrived.