Embedding Tableau Public Charts into a WordPress Page

This page will show two methods to embed a Tableau Public Chart into a WordPress page (First method is preferred for posting Tableaus to specific posts. Second method will show Tableaus across all pages in website). 


Method 1: Adding Tableaus to WordPress Post

1) Make sure your Tableau Public visualization is published

2) Click the share button on your Tableau 



3) There will be two options that come up, Embed Code and Link. Copy the entire text from the Embed Code section. This text will probably look something like this:



4) Head over to your WordPress site, and make sure the Code Embed plugin is active

5) Go to the Custom Fields tab and a new Field Group



6) Title must be in the format "CODEx". The "x" can be whatever character you want to choose, and then click on the +Add Field button



7) Clicking on the +Add Field button should show a new menu. For ease of use, add the same title from step 6 into the Field Label and Field Name sections



8) In the Default Value section, paste in the text you copied from step 3