Conference Room Usage Policy

There are four rooms in the University Library that may be reserved for meetings of campus groups conducting University business: KEL 2413, 3010, 3012, 3013. These conference rooms may be scheduled Monday - Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

  Because these rooms are located within the Library, special conditions apply for their use:

  • All food must be consumed within the room.
  • No activities may take place in adjacent hallways.
  • Noise, including audio transmissions, must be kept low to avoid inconveniencing neighboring rooms and office areas.
  • The kitchen adjacent to 3010, 3012, and 3013 is a staff area. It may only be used by caterers for food prep and clean up. Use of the kitchen adjacent to 2413 requires permission from the Faculty Center.
  • The event sponsor will return the room furniture arrangement to its original configuration, wipe down all tables at which food was used and remove crumbs from chairs.

Campus groups wishing to use these rooms may request them through Event and Conference Services (ECS) using the 25 Live event portal or by emailing Use of food or drinks in these rooms must have prior approval as outlined by ECS.

If signage is required to direct attendees to the event, the event sponsor must arrange this with Event and Conference Services (ECS). Affixing signs to doors and/or walls is not allowed in the University Library.


Last updated 04/22

Library Services Desk:

Call: (760) 750-4348

We can be reached during the Library's operational hours. Please check the library website for hours.