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GEO 102

This guide will prepare you for your library session for GEO 102, and serve as a place to refer back to for help at a later date. The links below and the library session will prepare you to search and use sources for the following speeches:

  • Speech of definition
  • Community impact
  • Multiple perspectives
  • Persuasive Speech

Prior to the library session, complete the following:

1. Watch this video: GEO Research Process 

2. Complete this tutorial

3. Read this presentation: GEO Finding Evidence

(Note: the audio has been disabled, but you can read the transcript below each slide)

4. Complete the quiz in Cougar Courses.


Suggested Databases

Suggested Databases

Most Useful

Database Full Text Coverage Scholarly
Communication & Mass Media Complete

Provides abstracts and full text for more than 200 communication journals.

Some full-text; plus links to full-text via Get-It 1950 to current Some
Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)

Provides abstracts of articles from about 2,000 journals (published worldwide), coverage of recent books, book review citations and dissertation listings.

Links to full-text via Get-It 1973 to current All
Academic Search Premier

This scholarly collection offers information in nearly every area of academic study including: computer sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry, language and linguistics, arts & literature, medical sciences, ethnic studies, and many more.

Some full-text; plus links to full-text via Get-It 1975 to current Most

Also Useful

Database Full Text Coverage Scholarly

A national database of education literature, including reports and journal articles.

Links to full-text via Get-It 1966 to current Some
Sociological Abstracts

Provides access to the latest international findings in theoretical and applied sociology, social science, and political science.

Links to full-text via Get-It 1963 to current All

Library Session

Library Session

GEO 102 Library Session

During the library session, you will work with a partner to answer the following question: "What are the effects on children of violence in video games?"

Consult the following sources to find an exampleexpert testimony, and statistics:

  1. Prescott, A. T., Sargent, J. D., & Hull, J. G. (2018). Metaanalysis of the relationship between violent video game play and physical aggression over time. PNAS115(4), 9882-9888.
  2. Polman, H., de Castro, B. O., & van Aken, M. A. G. (2008). Experimental study of the differntial effects of playing versus watching violent video games on children's aggressive behavior. Aggressive Behavior34, 256-264. doi: 10.1002/ab.20245
  3. Perrin, A. (2018, Sept 17). 5 Facts About Americans and Video Games. Retrived from:
  4. American Psychological Association. (2015). Resolution on Violent Video Games. Retrieved from: