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St. Louis Fed ECONLowDown.  Free online courses and teacher guides.  Multimedia tutorials, courses, podcasts and study guides.


The premier peer review economics literature source

Business Source Premier

Economist  (full text online) Browse recent issues on shelf HG11 E2 (Fourth Fl)

Capital Market,  Monetary Policy

World Development Indicators & Global Development Finance (World Data Bank)

CSUSM Economics Dept. Economic Sites and Data

Financial Soundness Indicators 
Developed by the IMF as indicators for financial soundness of countries.

Concise Encyclopedia of Economics 3rd. ed (2008) Henderson, D.R. editor.  
Excellent introduction to economic topics covering 287 areas of economics.  Use to get background material, or to get ideas for what topic to research.  Aarticles are one to three pages long, with short list of references and written by experts. Includes biographies of leading economist over time.o

RFE: Resources for Economists on the Internet

National Economic Indicators

Economics - National Economic Indicators

National Economic Indicators

ADP National Employment Report.  Reports on non-farm payroll, closely watched by economist, business and investment community.  ADP is the largest processor of business payroll services.

Stat-USA State of the Nation and Globus   (Government Depository account only, due to budget cuts, license requires that a librarian to log you in, please ask at the Library Research help desk)
Domestic financial and economic figures.

  • General Economic Indicators (CPI, PPI, GDP, NIPA).
  • Housing and Construction
  • Employment
  • Manufacturing and Industry (Retail sales, inventories, production, current industry reports)
  • Monetary Statistics (interest rates, foreign exchange, bank credit, money stock)
  • Monetary Policy (Beige Book, Treasury statements, Humphrey-Hawkins Testimony by FRB Chairman)

Federal Reserve.  Flow of Funds Accounts of the  United States
Quarterly releases, How money moves through economy.  Caution, VERY large files.

World Economic Prospects. London: Euromonitor  Retrieved October 30, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database.
Contains detailed economic activity statistics and forecasts and analysis for global, and country by country. Occasional thematic topics such as emerging markets, Eurozone etc.  I

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US Census Economic Programs
Includes The Economic Briefing Room and Indicator Release Schedule and economic data by geography, frequency and frequency

Consumer Confidence Index Conference Board
A monthly index of consumer spending.
Economics and Statistics Administration / Dept. of Commerce
Provides latest economic indicator releases with an email option to be notified of releases.

FRED: Federal Reserve Economic Database
Key economic indicators arranged in a way to quickly scan for U.S. interest rates, CPI (Consumer Price Index); PPI (Producer Price Index) GDP, and banking indicators

Financial Soundness Indicators 
Developed by the IMF as indicators for financial soundness of countries.


California Economy

Economics - California Economy

California State and Local

San Diego Leading Economic Indicators / University of San  Diego
Monthly data with 2 month lag back to 2002;   Index, % change, Building permits, unemployment claimrs, San Diego stock price index, consumer confidence, help wanted advertising, national economy

California County Projections / Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy
Reference HC107 .C23 I52.

Analysis and projections of California population, construction, housing and real estate, income, taxable sales, and job growth. Suitable for those with little or basic knowledge of economic tables. Includes clear and short description and analysis of tables and definition of terms. Especially useful for domestic migration rate, rankings by county--top ten markets, top ten counties by income, etc.

CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act)
Locate statute, case law and other general references.

State Profile: State and County Projections to 2025 / Woods & Poole Economics
Reference HC 107 .C2 C36 2001 Earlier year 1990-- in book stacks.

Loose-leaf binder of statistical tables and accompanying CD-ROM with capability to create custom reports by census track (MSA, PMSA and DMA). Useful for advanced analysis of California economic indicators and 25 year projections. Includes national and regional tables. Detailed description of data collection methodology. Tables for employment, personal income and retail sales, and households. Especially useful for its county ranking tables.
Find city and zipcode census data, age, income, race, mobility, ancestry.  Augmented with advertising.


By State

International Statistics and Reports

Economics - International statistics and reports

International Statistics and Reports

Bureau of Economic Analysis International Economic Accounts   (Learn more: Guide to ITAs in recent issue of Survey of Current Business)

Bureau of Labor Statistics

International Trade Statistics by SITC (Standard International Trade Classification

EconStats - Normalized global economic data.

Forecast Overview  Tables  2009--2014 (2010, December). World Economic Prospects,59,61-68.  Retrieved March 9, 2011, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 2274275181).

Consumer Expenditures
Gross Fixed Investment
Consumer Prices
Export and Import of  Goods
Current Account Balances
Average Exchange Rates

International Trade Centre

Statistical Abstract of the United States International Statistics

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)


World Investment Report.  UNCTAD (United Nationsl Conference on Trade and Development)
Includes free pdf downloads and downloadable statistics tables on international trade activities and country fact sheets.
Sample of latest titles in the series:
Global Value Chains: Investments and Trade for Development.  2013 WIR report.

World Development Indicators & Global Development Finance (World Data Bank)

World Trade Organization


Country Economic Briefings and Profiles

Economics - Country Economic Briefings and Profiles

Country Economic Briefings & Profiles

The Economist Country Briefings
From the Economist.  Each country profile includes  a forecast, Factsheet, Economic data, short history, political structure and forces and economic structure.  Currency converter and news articles and links to related country websites.

CIA World Factbook

Penn World Table:
Alan Heston, Robert Summers and Bettina Aten, Penn World Table Version 6.1, Center for International Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania (CICUP), October 2002. 
Find GDP comparisons for countries worldwide time series 1950- present in a downloadable table.T

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