Economics Resources, Hot New Picks and Quick Learn Webinars and videos  Fast growing source for much of the data at federal and state level.

Economic Indicator Webinars: from the Census view these excelent webinars. 
Introduction to Economic Indicators
Measuring the  Economy: a Brief Overview of the Census Bureau's Economic Indicators.  Additional webinars go into more detail of each indicator.

St. Louis Fed ECONLowDown.  Free online courses and teacher guides.  Multimedia tutorials, courses, podcasts and study guides.


Business Source Premier

Economist  (full text online) Browse recent issues on shelf HG11 E2 (Fourth Fl)

Capital Market,  Monetary Policy

World Development Indicators & Global Development Finance (World Data Bank)

CSUSM Economics Dept. Economic Sites and Data

Financial Soundness Indicators 
Developed by the IMF as indicators for financial soundness of countries.

Concise Encyclopedia of Economics 3rd. ed (2008) Henderson, D.R. editor.  
Excellent introduction to economic topics covering 287 areas of economics.  Use to get background material, or to get ideas for what topic to research.  Aarticles are one to three pages long, with short list of references and written by experts. Includes biographies of leading economist over time.o

RFE: Resources for Economists on the Internet