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CALM HS&HS Speech-Language Pathology - Open Textbooks

  • The Mouth, Pharynx, and Esophagus (2017) OpenStax text. Describes the anatomy and functions of the three main organs of the upper alimentary canal—the mouth, pharynx, and esophagus—as well as three associated accessory organs—the tongue, salivary glands, and teeth.
  • Hearing (2017) OpenStax text. Describes the basic anatomy and function of the auditory system, how we encode and perceive pitch, and how we localize sound.
  • Audition: Hearing (2017) OpenStax text. Describes the structures responsible for the special sense of hearing and the means of mechanoreception for hearing.
  • Sources of Musical Sound (2016). OpenStax Text. Describes the resonant frequencies in instruments that can be modeled as a tube with symmetrical boundary conditions and the resonant frequencies in instruments that can be modeled as a tube with anti-symmetrical boundary conditions.


CALM HS&HS Palliative Care & Speech-Language Pathology - Multimedia

  • YouTube
    • Search YouTube by key terms and try filtering by channel or “Creative Commons” license (these videos are specifically labeled for reuse).
  •  Videos through the CSUSM Library
    • Select “Books & More” tab and use these limits: Full Text Available Online and Video.
    • Library Media Reserves, including Video on Demand option (allows you to stream videos to CSUSM students). Keep in mind that you should leave at least 1 week of lead time for processing these requests.

Journal Articles

CALM HS&HS Speech-Language Pathology - Journal Articles

Consider including journal articles as required or supplemental reading for your courses. Search through our SLP databases for articles. Just be sure to direct students to the article by permalink (or static URL) rather than posting the PDF directly in your Cougar Course. This will ensure two things: 1) that we are complying with copyright and publisher restrictions, and 2) that our journal usage is counted (this allows us to justify maintaining our subscriptions).

This page provides examples illustrating how to find permalinks in the Library’s databases.

Please contact your librarian if you are still unsure of how to find the permalink.

Open Courseware

CALM HS&HS Speech-Language Pathology - Open Courseware

  • Merlot (Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) is a compilation of freely available resources for use in higher education, hosted by the California State Universities.
  • Educational resources, including reference materials, online courses, and texts related to speech and speech disorders.

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