No matter where you are, we're here to help.

Get "distance education" services if you are:

  • enrolled only in classes that meet in Temecula or off-campus.
  • enrolled only in online courses with no on-campus components.
  • on sabbatical or official leave.

Please contact or (760)750-4345 with any questions.


Temecula/Distance Ed Library Services

Image of a packaged box

We Deliver!

If you don't come to campus, register now to request books be shipped via first class mail to your home.

Keep in mind:

  • mail delivery is only available for distance ed students (see above).
  • books can be requested from our Library and The Circuit local libraries.
  • requested books can be held for Library pick-up if you prefer instead of mail delivery.


If you are teaching at Temecula and other off-campus locations, or teaching online only, please visit the Information Literacy Program to see how we can provide research services and instruction for your students.