First Namesort icon Last Name Title Tel/Email Location Department
Allison Carr
Social Sciences Librarian
(760)750-4337 KEL 3425 Information Literacy Program
Ann Fiegen
Business & Economics Librarian
(760)750-4365 KEL 3421 Information Literacy Program
Carmen Mitchell
Institutional Repository Librarian
(760)750-8358 KEL 3307 Metadata
Cathie Dorsett
Library Assistant, Acquisitions
(760)750-4352 KEL 1023B Acquisitions
Char Booth
Associate Dean
(760)750-4336 KEL 3006 Library Administration
Cheryl Long
Library Services Specialist
(760)750-8361 KEL 3303B Information Literacy Program
Chris Galdo
Library Services Specialist, Access Services
(760)750-4369 KEL 3107B Access Services
Christine Ashley
Lead Library Assistant
(760)750-4355 KEL 1013 Metadata
Dagmar Pavel
Library Assistant
(760)750-8360 KEL 3107E Access Services
Dannis L. Mitchell
Library Services Specialist
(760)750-4334 KEL 1023L Acquisitions
Debbie Blair
Library Services Specialist III - Resource Sharing
(760)750-4359 KEL 3104B Access Services
Elizabeth Rallos
Library Services Specialist
(760)750-4351 KEL 1010B Metadata
Georgina Lopez
Library Assistant, Media Library
(760)750-4387 KEL 2102A Media Library
Hua Yi
Head of Collection Management & Technical Services
(760)750-4368 KEL 1025 Collection Management & Technical Services
Ian Chan
Systems Coordinator and Web Development Librarian
(760)750-4385 KEL 1002 Systems
Irma Sierra
Administrative Support Assistant
KEL 3000C Library Administration
JanetLynn Mosemak
Library Services Specialist
(760)750-4343 KEL 5005 Information Literacy Program
Jennifer Fabbi
(760)750-4350 KEL 3004 Library Administration
Judith Downie
Humanities Librarian
(760)750-4374 KEL 3424 Information Literacy Program
Kathryn Truman
Administrative Support Assistant
(760)750-4331 KEL 3000A Library Administration
Khuong Vu
(760)750-4379 KEL 1000 Systems
Laura Nelson
Library Services Specialist
(760)750-4349 KEL 1010 Metadata
Lynda Bailey
Library Services Specialist
(760)750-4377 KEL 1023D Acquisitions
Maria Zapatarounds
Library Assistant, Access Services
(760)750-4341 KEL 3107A Access Services
Marjorie Porter
Instruction Librarian
(760)750-4332 KEL 3426 Information Literacy Program
Melanie Chu
Outreach Librarian
(760)750-4378 KEL 3306 Information Literacy Program
Natalya Serge
Library Services Specialist
(760)750-4364 KEL 3102 Access Services
Rachel Mann
Budget Analyst
(760)750-4338 KEL 3007 Library Administration
Rainer Limpiado
Library Services Specialist
(760) 750-8364 KEL 2102B Media Library
Ray Liang
(760)750-4382 KEL 1000 Systems
Ricardo Pliego
Library Services Specialist
(760) 750-8364 KEL 2102B Media Library
Rosa Castro
Library Assistant, Access Services
(760)750-4335 KEL 3110B Access Services
Shauna Mendez
Library Assistant, Media Library
(760)750-4371 KEL 2103 Media Library
Sonia Jimenez
Library Services Specialist
(760)750-4388 KEL 3107 Access Services
Steven R. Espinoza
Information Technology Consultant
(760)750-4361 KEL 1001 Systems
Susan Thompson
Associate Librarian/Coordinator
(760)750-4373 KEL 3101 Access Services
Susan P. Baksh
Lead Library Assistant
(760)750-4362 KEL 1024 Acquisitions
Talitha Matlin
STEM Librarian
(760)750-4342 Kel 3423 Information Literacy Program
Teresa Roudenbush
Lead Library Assistant
(760)750-4376 KEL 3111 Access Services
Toni Olivas
Education Librarian/Associate Librarian
(760)750-4333 KEL 5011 Information Literacy Program
Torie Quiñonez
Assistant Librarian
(760)750-4353 KEL 3427 Information Literacy Program
Tricia Lantzy
Health Sciences & Human Services Librarian
(760)750-4399 KEL 3419 Information Literacy Program
Wendy Sears
Library Services Specialist
(760)750-4381 KEL 3110A Access Services
Yvonne Meulemans
Director, Information Literacy Program
(760)750-4375 KEL 3422 Information Literacy Program