The Makery Usage Policies & User Requirements

The Makery at CSUSM Library

Adherence to Policies and Rules

•   Users are required to adhere to all rules and policies applicable to both the library
and the library makerspace. See the Library’s Conduct Policy.

Hardware and Software Modification

•   Modification of any hardware or software is strictly prohibited

Prohibited Activities

•   Weapon-making or the creation of weapon parts is strictly prohibited


•   Users must refrain from engaging in any unsafe behavior, as outlined in The Makery’s
safety standards and policies


•   Patrons are expected to maintain cleanliness within the makerspace and return
workspaces to their original condition

Equipment Usage (this will be refined once the space is opened)

•   Time limits on equipment usage may be implemented if needed
   - If so, daily and/or weekly limits will be established based on user behavior
•   Consideration for duplication limits and exceptions (e.g., for library events or Student
Activities Board (SAB) activities) will be evaluated separately for each project

File Storage

•   All work should be saved on personal removable or cloud storage. Computers will be
regularly wiped, and personal files will not be saved

Materials and Supplies

•   Basic materials and supplies are provided free of charge. Advanced materials require
staff approval and must be provided by patrons

Food and Drink Policies

•   Consuming food and drinks in the equipment space (“the Kitchen”) is prohibited in
order to maintain a clean and safe environment
•   Library food and drink policies apply in group work areas within the makerspace
Reporting Responsibilities

•   Patrons are encouraged to report broken or damaged equipment, missing parts,
accidents, injuries, or any unsafe or inappropriate behavior

Computer use

•   The makerspace is intended to be used for creative projects, including those that
require specialized equipment and software. Makerspace laptops are to be used for
makerspace-specific projects only, must remain at assigned stations and are intended
for short term use.

•   General-use computers that are needed for longer periods are located throughout
the library

Behavioral Expectations

•   Be mindful of your own safety and the safety of others

•   Report any unsafe conditions, incidents, or concerns to makerspace staff

•   Conduct yourself in a responsible and respectful manner. Follow all makerspace
rules and guidelines

•   If you are unsure about any procedure or equipment, seek guidance before

•   Noise is expected, but be courteous to avoid excessive noise

Inclusive Environment

•   Foster an inclusive and collaborative environment
•   Be considerate of others using the makerspace
•   Be considerate of other user’s projects
Library Staff Reservations

•   Library staff reserves the right to:
   - Require users to discontinue working on a project in the makerspace
   - Suspend or deny access to the makerspace for individuals who fail to follow
   - Institute time limits on machines as needed to accommodate other makers