The Makery General Information

1. Introduction

What is The Makery?

The Makery serves as a dynamic center of creativity and learning within our university,
fostering a culture that's both inviting and accessible. It's where members of the
CSUSM community to gather, create, invent, tinker, explore, discover and learn new
skills using a variety of tools and materials.

The Makery prioritizes nurturing creativity, hands-on learning, and collaboration. With
shared resources, a collaborative atmosphere, and boundless opportunities to make
new friends, The Makery empowers everyone to actively create and experiment while
emphasizing a warm, inclusive, and supportive environment. Through project-based
work in this setting, patrons of the makerspace develop crucial skills and nurture a
culture where every voice carries equal weight. The Makery aims to cultivate a vibrant
community that advocates for inquiry, collaboration, and creativity, empowering
everyone to become creators.

2. Location and facilities

•  The makerspace is situated in the 2nd-floor media wing of the university library,
encompassing rooms 2101, 2102, 2103, 2104, and 2105

•  The wing also includes reservable group study rooms (GSRs), which are separate
from the makerspace facilities


3. Operating hours

•   Spring 2024 semester

       -   Monday–Thursday: 11am–6pm

       -   Friday: 11am–5pm

•   Summer 2024

       -   Monday–Thursday: 12pm–4pm


4. Access & Use

   User Accessibility

•   Students, faculty, and staff have free access to the makerspace during its operating

Group Study Rooms (GSRs)

•  GSRs in makerspace area can be reserved during makerspace hours
•  GSRs will not be accessible to students outside of makerspace hours

•  Visitors will fill out a brief sign-in Google Form

Materials Usage

•   The makerspace offers basic materials for prototyping

•   Users can bring in and use specialized or higher-cost materials with staff permission

       -   Before purchasing special supplies, users are encouraged to confirm with staff

       Equipment Use

•   Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis

       -   Reservations will not be made during the spring 2024 semester

       -   During future semesters, exceptions may be granted to students with course-
specific project work, who may reserve equipment in advance

       Board Games

•  Board games, table and chairs available for visitors to use in the game room
       -   Board games can be checked out on the 3rd floor


5. Equipment & Tools

•   Completion of training session will be recorded digitally under name and ID number

       -   Google Form will be filled out by staff or SA

       -   Form data will be transferred to Sheets document

•   Indication of training completion may be worn by patrons (clip on badge)

Equipment may be used freely after completion of equipment training

3D Printer (x1)

•   Prusa MKS3+

Cutting Machine (x1)

•   Silhouette Cameo Pro

Sewing Machines (x1)

•   Brother CS7000X Computerized Sewing Machine

Embroidery Machine (x2)

Craft Printer (x1)

•   Canon Pixma TS9521C

Basic Supplies

•   Scissors, string, tape, glue, cardboard, pens, pencils, etc.

Controlled Use

Training session required, must be requested each use, along with brief description of
intended use

•   Power Drill

•   Utility & Xacto Knives

•   Rotary Cutter

•   Paper Cutter