• Facilitates circulation of materials: faculty reserves, Interlibrary Loan & resource sharing; collects fines/fees for late, lost or damaged materials; directs users to library resources.

    (760) 750-4348
  • Purchases and processes books, journals, and other material for the Library.

  • Selects resources to be included in the Library collection, through purchase, subscription, gift, or government depository.

    (760) 750-4368
  • Provides administrative and clerical support for library staff, and receives library visitors.

    (760) 750-4330
  • Vision

    The vision of the Information Literacy Program is for each CSUSM graduate to research beyond Google.


    The mission of the Information Literacy Program is to provide each CSUSM student with an opportunity to become information literate.


    Information literacy is more than teaching students how to use the library. An information literate person is a lifelong learner who is able to find, evaluate, and use information effectively to think critically and make informed decisions.  As Library faculty, we are active partners with disciplinary faculty in developing information literate students because we are experts in information seeking behaviors, the structure and organization of information, and how information is evaluated.

    (760) 750-4375
  • Provides access to a wide range of media and AV equipment, and assists in operating viewing/listening stations.

    (760) 750-4370
  • Creates and maintains access to electronic resources as well as physical material such as books, DVDs, and maps.

    (760) 750-4355
  • A team of staff and highly trained student assistants provide basic reference and library assistance with librarians available to provide in-depth personalized research help in person, via email or online chat, and by phone.

    (760) 750-4391
  • Processes all Interlibrary Loan, Circuit, and Distance Education requests, as well as Course Reserves.

    (760) 750-4345
  • Develops and maintains the Library's computers, servers, and web sites.

    (760) 750-4358