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Graphis Designers for Peace: Artwork by

Graphis and Studio Hinrichs' Kit Hinrichs collaborated to launch a call for entries, which received a resounding response from around the world in the wake of the Ukraine invasion.

The resulting collection of poster art represents a powerful and impassioned global call for peace, showcasing an unprecedented level of collaboration and creativity. This exhibition is a testament to how a single cause can unite people from all walks of life, and how visual storytelling can inspire powerful emotions and drive action.

Join us as we explore the moving artworks that demonstrate the potential of humanity's collective strength and shared goals.

The majority of posters on display were created after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Designers for Peace Jury

Prominent international designers include Jury chair, Kit Hinrichs (US), Charles S. Anderson (US), Peter Bankov (Czech Republic), David Carson (US), Luke Hayman (US), Eve Steben (UK), João Machado (Portugal), Andrew Hoyne (Australia), Armando Milani (Italy), Harry Pearce (UK), Toshiaki & Hisa Ide (US), Boris Ljubicic (Croatia), and DJ Stout (US)

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