Conference Rooms Fee Schedule

Food and catering coordination charge (per meal)  $20.00*

This fee - for events that have catered food -- covers library staff contact with the caterer, explanation to caterer on route to take when bringing food into the building, and provision of caterer access/egress via carded, alarmed, or any other door.

This fee is also charged whenever food is consumed in any library conference room even without a caterer's involvement. It covers the assessment by a library staff member of the room's readiness for subsequent business meetings including reporting of spills, requesting of trash removal, and if necessary, wiping of tables, etc. that are the responsibility of the meeting host.

Additional event services Cost per hour

Community Service Officer during library hours


Community Service Officer holidays, weekends, overtime [3 hour minimum]


Library Staff Member during library hours


Library Staff Members holidays, weekend, overtime [3 hour minimum]


 *This charge is incurred anytime a caterer must be escorted by Library staff into the University Library, regardless of the room used.


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