The Uterus Flag Project

Image of embroidered uterus with text The Uterus Flag ProjectThe Context: Library Series welcomes The Uterus Flag Project by guest artist Terrilynn. Integrating the power of art and the ideals of feminism, The Uterus Flag Project highlights craftivism as an alternative way of giving voice to social justice. The installation is the result of a collaborative social-practice art project, empowering participants to work with fiber arts to alter consciousness about women’s health concerns.

On display from Feb 10-May 20, 2014, The Uterus Flag Project will encourage the viewer to interact, participate, and contemplate their views about our medical system.

The exhibit area is on the 3rd floor of the Kellogg Library near the Check Out Desk, free and open during all library hours. See map of library and directions to campus.

More information about The Uterus Flag Project (pdf).

Opening Reception

February 13, 2014, Thursday, 6-8 pm, Kellogg Reading Room

Learn more about craftivism and collaborative social art with guest artist Terrilyn. Attendees will be able to view the artwork on display, speak individually with the artist, and enjoy light refreshments. Participants may choose to begin their own uterus flags in a "sit-and-stich" after the program.

RSVP, parking information, and for any special accommodationss: or 760.750.4378.


The Uterus Flag Project is a collaborative, social practice art project where participants use some form of fiber arts and stitch on a pre-painted, piece of fabric 7” x 9” inches tall, and write a reflection statement about their thoughts concerning women’s health issues. Women have shared their personal medical stories by making an artistic statement on a preprinted uterus flag and sharing their words. Men are also invited to participate. The Uterus Flag Project connects female bodily experiences and domestic labor while exploring alternative methods of art making.

The symbol of a flag, like Tibetan prayer flags, carries messages and prayers in the wind. They are also ephemeral. Our health needs constant awareness, and education, regarding the medicines and procedures that are introduced to us by the medical institution. A flag can also be a symbol of a nation, of unifying, and when the flags are displayed together they make a statement drawing attention to the uterus. The uterus is the room we all started from.

Participants share their art and their words through this art project. Women’s stories are valuable and making a piece of art is also significant. Read the The Uterus Flag Project exhibit description and Artist's Statement (pdf).

To participate in a "sit-and-stitch" and contribute your thoughts, using art, and collaborate on this project, please contact artist Terrilynn at or visit The Uterus Flag Project website.

More information

The Uterus Flag Project is part of Context, a grant-funded, instructionally-related Library series supporting student learning and research through art installations. For more information contact or 760.750.4378.


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