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Course Name Instructor
ACCT 301: Intermediate Accounting I Styles, Alan
AH 111: The Human Experience: Introduction - 1 Cesmat, Brandon
ANTH 200: Cultural Anthropology - 1 Gaughen, Shasta
ANTH 200: Cultural Anthropology - 2 Muniz, Adolfo
ANTH 200: Cultural Anthropology - 3 Yanez-Chavez, Anibal
ANTH 215: Human Origins - 1 Gaughen, Shasta
ANTH 301: Culture & Medicine: Healers Bade, Bonnie
ANTH 301: Culture Medicine: Healers - 1 Godde, Pamela
ANTH 301: Healers And Healing Practices Martinez, Konane
ANTH 310: World Prehistory - 1 Spenard, Jon
ANTH 325: Ancient Mex and Soc Art Bade, Bonnie
ANTH 370: Environment, Population, and Culture - 1 Spenard, Jon
ANTH 375: Money Power and Culture - 1 Yanez-Chavez, Anibal
ASTR 342: Elements of Astronomy Gill, Robert
BIOL 176: Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology II;"BIOL 175: Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology I" Cressy, Jeani
BIOL 212: Evolution Kai, Zoya
BIOL 212: Evolution Sustaita, Diego
BIOL 329: Biology of Aging Kristan, Deborah
BIOT 357: Foundations of Biotechnology Drewe, John
BRS 300: Borders: ID Perspectives Schultz, Richard
BUS 302: Foundations of Business Environments Antoniou, Peter
BUS 302: Foundations of Business Environments Berry, David
BUS 444: Strategic Management in Global Environments Ratiu, Catalin
BUS 495: Senior Experience Ashley, Ed
CHAD 345: Perspectives on Child-Rearing Fitzpatrick, Maureen
CHEM 150: General Chemistry - 1 Faculty Reserves,
CHEM 315: Science And Film In TV Thiyagarajah, Selakilli
CHEM 315: Science in Film and TV Jayasinghe, Sajith
COMM 200: Argumentation and Dialogue - 1 Faculty Reserves,
COMM 330: Intercultural Communication Avalos-C'Debaca, Fredi
COMM 355: Communication and Collaboration Brown, Katherine
COMM 360: Mass Media and Society Lee, Joon
COMM 360: Mass Media and Society Avalos-C'Debaca, Fredi
COMM 390: Research Methods and Design Saferstein, Barry
COMM 390: Research Methods and Design Huspek, Michael
COMM 390: Research Methods and Design Brown, Katherine
COMM 470: Political Communication Huspek, Michael
CS 311: Data Structures Faculty Reserves,
CS 571: Artificial Intelligence Yoshii, Rika
ECON 411: Public Choice Arnold, Roger
EDLD 720: Organizational Change Vargas Perez, Manuel
EDMI 511: Mid Level Teaching and Learning I Gerent, Teresa
EDMI 521: Middle Level Literacy I Stowell, Laurie
EDMI 555: Middle Level Multilingual Education Gerent, Teresa
EDMS 543: Elementary School Math Ritchie, Susan
EDMS 544B: Social Studies Education in Elementary Schools Wendling, Laura
EDMS 555: Elementary Multilingual Education Woods, Jennifer
EDMX 511: Learning and Instruction 1 Mauerman, Leslie
EDMX 627: Assess Plan and Instruct Robledo, Jodi
EDMX 633: Community Access through Supported Environments Brooks, Rebecca
EDSS 511: Secondary Teaching and Learning Elsbree, Anne
EDUC 350: Foundations of Teaching as a Profession Valadez, Gilbert
EDUC 350: Foundations of Teaching as a Profession McDaniel, Janet
EDUC 350: Foundations of Teaching as a Profession Ahle, Stephen
EDUC 364: Cultural Diversity and Schooling Halcon, John
EDUC 364: Cultural Diversity and Schooling Freeborn, Sherry
EDUC 374: Introduction to International Comparative Education Ochanji, Moses
EDUC 604: Knowledge Construction and Accomp Teach Elsbree, Anne
EDUC 622: Research Methods in Education Chen, Rong-Ji
EDUC 624: Knowledge Construction - 1 Elsbree, Anne
EDUC 630: IB Primary Year Program Prep Paliotti, Melanie
EDUC 635: IB DP Theory to Practice Golly, Heather
ENTR 421: New Venture Management Cherry, Bennett
ENVS 100: Introduction to Environmental Studies Simokat, Christine
ENVS 310: Environmental Impact Analysis Stricker, Pamela
ENVS 390-3: ST: Race Place, Power Valle, Gabriel
FIN 304: Introduction to Corporate Finance Kang, Eun
FIN 341: Multinational Financial Management Sun, Qi
FMST 100: Introduction to Cinema Studies Cesmat, Brandon
FMST 300: Elements of Cinema Cesmat, Brandon
FMST 300: Elements of Cinema Keehn, Robin
FMST 375: Fam/Trad/Gender FIlms Yuan, Yuan
FREN 101: Beginning French I Billings, Oneita
FREN 102: Beginning French II Billings, Oneita
FREN 201: Intermediate French I Billings, Oneita
GBST 100: Introduction to Global Studies Makey, Laura
GEO 102: Oral Communication Metzger, Terri
GEOG 201: World Regional Geography Makey, Laura
GEOG 341: Nature and Society in California - 1
GEOG 460: Food Systems and Emerging Markets Guthey, Greig
GES 101: Matter, Molecules, Life & the Environment I: Physical Science Sebrechts, Patrick
GES 105: Introduction To Physical Science Sebrechts, Patrick
GEW 101: Principles of Written Communication Kessler, Grace
GEW 101: Principles Of Written Communication Brown, Amelia
GEW 101: Principles of Written Communication Faculty Reserves,
GEW 101: Principles of Written Communication Weseloh, Teresa
GEW 101: Principles of Written Communication Cesmat, Brandon
GRMN 101: Beginning German I Billings, Oneita
GRMN 102: Beginning German II Billings, Oneita
HD 230: Intro to Research Methods for Human Development Jacobson, Leyenda
HD 300: Administration in Social Service Faculty Reserves,
HD 301: Theories of Human Development Hall, Tracy
HD 301: Theories of Human Development Faculty Reserves,
HD 384: Social and Public Policy in Human Development Coker, Jason
HD 490: Human Development in Perspective Guilarte, Miguel
HIST 102: World Civilizations 1500 to present Faculty Reserves,
HIST 130: U S History 1500-1877 McGuire, Melissa
HIST 130: U S History 1500-1877 Miller, Robert
HIST 130: U.S. History 1500-1877 Faculty Reserves,
HIST 131 : U.S. History 1877-Present Quinney, Kimber
HIST 131: U.S. History 1877-Present Faculty Reserves,
HIST 131 : U.S. History 1877-Present McGuire, Melissa
HIST 301: Historical Methods and Writing Sepinwall, Alyssa
HIST 312: Ancient World in Film Engen, Darel
HIST 318: Soc & Cul Early Mod Eur Elwood, Ann
HIST 324: The Enlightenment and European Society Sepinwall, Alyssa
HIST 344: Frontier as Myth Strathman, Theodore
HIST 346: Development of American Frontier Miller, Robert
HIST 379: Africa and the World in the 20th Century Mekenye, Reuben
HIST 382: Travel & Contact in Early Modern Wor - 1 Sepinwall, Alyssa
HIST 501: History Perspectives Media Xiao, Zhiwei
HIST 501: History Perspectives Media Hijar, Katherine
HIST 601: Phil and Practice of History Engen, Darel
ID 340: Diversity and Discrimination Merritt, Anthony
ID 360: Disney Animated Films Pershing, Linda
ID 370-16: The Hunger Games: May The Odds Be Pershing, Linda
ID 370: Harry Potter Culture Pershing, Linda
KINE 302: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries Dill, Laura
KINE 303 : Measurement and Evaluation in Kinesiology Asakawa, Deanna
KINE 305: Movement Anatomy Kang, Hyun Gu
KINE 306: Exercise Fitness and Health Roberg-Chao, Lea
KINE 316: Stress Management Roberg-Chao, Lea
KINE 336: Exercise Nutrition Daly, Tracy
KINE 427: Assessment & Programming for Healthy Aging Kang, Hyun Gu
LBST 361B: Social Contruction of Science Yamashita, Robert
LEAD 111: Leadership Ceppi, Matthew
LING 300: Introduction To Linguistics Garcia, Jule
LING 351: Language Acquisition Bateman, Nicoleta
LTWR 100: Introduction to Literature Yuan, Yuan
LTWR 107: Humor Keehn, Robin
LTWR 307: Writing Workshop in Argument and Analysis Cassel, Susie
LTWR 309B: U.S. Literature II Yuan, Yuan
LTWR 320: Sacred Texts Moukhlis, Salah
LTWR 325: Creative Writing Workshop I Breuer, Heidi
LTWR 360: Emerging Lit in a Global Context Moukhlis, Salah
LTWR 460: Theories,Methods,Themes in Cult Stud - 1 Moukhlis, Salah
LTWR 465: Theory and Practice of K-12 Writing Instruction Metcalfe, Dale
LTWR 600: Research and Critical Methodology Breuer, Heidi
MASS 303: Mass Media Technology Brown, Katherine
MASS 451: Media, Religion, Popular Culture Lee, Joon
MATH 330: Introduction to the History of Mathematics Holt, Linda
MATH 544: Advanced Combinatorics Kundgen, Andre
MGMT 432: In The Executive's Chair Pillai, Rajnandini
MGMT 461: Management in Different Cultures Brodowsky, Glen
MKTG 445: Consumer Behavior Dalakas, Vassilis
MSW 602: Clinical Assessment and EBT Thomas, Jacqueline
MSW 630A: Advanced Direct Practice 1 Kim, Sharon
MUSC 427: Music and Culture in the US Bradbury, William
NURS 230/231: Nursing Care of Childbearing Family Mondragon, Allison
NURS 300: Fundementals of Nursing Communication and Skills Dominguez Gomez, Elvira
NURS 351: Role Seminar RN Coffin-Romig, Nancy
NURS 442: Nursing Case Management Fidellow, Judith
NURS 580: Advanced Concepts in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Coffin-Romig, Nancy
PHIL 110: Critical Thinking Afshari, Hugh
PHIL 110: Critical Thinking - 1 Faculty Reserves,
PHIL 310: Western Phil Ancient Greece and Rome Elbert Decker, Jessica
PHIL 312: Western Philosophy: Early Modern Period Merrick, Allison
PHIL 345: Bioethics and Medical Ethics McDuffie, Michael
PSCI 100: U. S. Government and Politics Trudel, June
PSCI 100: U.S. Government and Politics Breckon, Jerry
PSCI 100: U.S. Government and Politics Renner, Tracey
PSCI 100: U.S. Government and Politics Faculty Reserves,
PSCI 100: U.S. Government and Politics Masroori, Cyrus
PSCI 339: Intro to Politics of Arab World Greenwood, Scott
PSCI 341: Latin American Politics thru Film Chavez Metoyer, Cynthia
PSCI 350: Global Governance Bolton, Kent
PSCI 350: Global Governance - 1 Matthews, Elizabeth
PSCI 370: Foundations of Political Thought Masroori, Cyrus
PSCI 390-10: Modern Political Theory Masroori, Cyrus
PSCI 463: Global Jihadis Hydra Bolton, Kent
PSYC 220: Introductory Statistics in Psychology Johnson-Kozlow, Marilyn
PSYC 230: Research Methods in Psychology Mulholland, Michele
PSYC 328: Developmental Psychopathology Blumenthal, Emily
PSYC 331: Developmental Psychology: Infancy and Childhood Fitzpatrick, Maureen
PSYC 332: Social Psychology Mahler, Heike
PSYC 334: Psychology of Personaility Schustack, Miriam
PSYC 334: Psychology of Personaility Faculty Reserves,
PSYC 334: Psychology of Personaility Phillips, Judith
PSYC 336: Abnormal Psychology Faculty Reserves,
PSYC 350: Psychology of Women Johnson-Kozlow, Marilyn
PSYC 360: Biopsychology Caine, Nancy
PSYC 362: Cognitive Processes Calvillo, Dustin
PSYC 395: Laboratory in Developmental Psychology Blumenthal, Emily
PSYC 396: Laboratory in Social Psychology - 1
PSYC 432: Health Psychology Mahler, Heike
PSYC 490: History of Psychology Williams, Carrick
PSYC 680: Teaching of Psychology Thomas, Marie
SOC 105: Introduction to Justice Studies Cullity, Sharon
SOC 105: Introduction to Justice Studies - 1 Glover, Karen
SOC 105: Introoduction to Justice Studies Walkington, Lori
SOC 201: Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences Goyer, Donna
SOC 303: Families and Intimate Relationships Gonzales, Alicia
SOC 309: Aging and Society Gonzales, Alicia
SOC 311: Inequality Suarez, Theresa
SOC 313: Race/Ethnic Relations Glover, Karen
SOC 314: Health & Society Shellhammer, Kathy
SOC 315: Gender in Society Faculty Reserves,
SOC 316:Sociology of Mental Health and Illness Roche, Mary
SOC 317: Youth and Society Poole, Mary
SOC 317: Youth and Society Elise, Sharon
SOC 331: Social Welfare Politics and Services Cullity, Sharon
SOC 347: Black Communities Merritt, Anthony
SOC 360: Quantitative Research Methods Goyer, Donna
SOC 361: Qualitative Methods in Sociology - 1 Roche, Mary
SOC 417: Family Violence Shellhammer, Kathy
SOC 417: Family Violence Pina, Darlene
SOC 424: Women and Health Cullity, Sharon
SOC 429: Death and Dying Gonzales, Alicia
SOC 442: Analysis of the Justice System (2) Poole, Mary
SOC 442: Analysis of the Justice System and Criminal Law Bates, Kristin
SOC 443: Sociology of Law Swan, Richelle
SOC 445: White Collar Crime Bates, Kristin
SOC 480: Capstone Seminar in Sociological Scholarship Suarez, Theresa
SOC 494: Internship in Criminology and Justice Studies Santos, Juan
SOC 501: Pro-Seminar in Sociological Practice Swan, Richelle
SPAN 101: Beginning Spanish I Billings, Oneita
SPAN 102: Beginning Spanish II Billings, Oneita
SPAN 201: Intermediate Spanish Besosa, Mayra
SPAN 201: Intermediate Spanish I Billings, Oneita
SPAN 250: Spanish for Heritage Spanish Speakers Faculty Reserves,
SPAN 301B: Advanced Spanish for Native Spanish Speakers;"SPAN 250: Spanish for Spanish Speakers" Billings, Oneita
SPAN 302: Basic Theory and Practice of Composition Billings, Oneita
SPAN 303: Adv Theory & Writ Comp Shuh, Erika
TA 101: Introduction to Acting Martinez, Marcos
TA 323: Power and Popular Culture Martinez, Marcos
TA 328: Stage to Film Martinez, Marcos
TA 410: Social Taboos Bauerlein, Judith
VPA 321: Learning Through the Arts Goldberg, Merryl
VSAR 121: Pre-20th Century Art History Sizonenko, Tatiana
VSAR 320: Public Expression in the Arts Moss, Kristin
VSAR 361: New Documentary Film Liss, Andrea
VSAR 422: Art And Technology Of The Moving Image Berman, Jonathan
VSAR 460: Art and Social Change Moss, Kristin
web 999 Chan, Ian
WMST 101: Introduction to Women's Studies Faculty Reserves,
WMST 101: Introduction to Women's Studies Gonzales, Martha
WMST 101: Intro To Women Studies Lutjens, Sheryl
WMST 205: Gender and Identity in Pop Lutjens, Sheryl
WMST 301: Gender, Race and Class in Contemporary Society Redela, Pamela
WMST 301: Gender, Race and Class in Contemporary Society Rutz-Robbins, Kristi
WMST 350: Chicana and Latina Feminist Thought Gonzales, Martha
WMST 450: Gender and Cinema Redela, Pamela
WMST 490: Feminist Perspectives - 3 Faculty Reserves,
WMST 499: Independent Study Wilson, Natalie
WMST - Fa 16 Wilson, Natalie
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