Reserves FAQ for Students

Q.  Where is the Reserve Desk?

A.  Ask for your traditional reserve materials at the Check Out desk on the third floor of Kellogg Library.

Q.  Where are audio/visual materials on reserve?

A.  In the Media Library on the second floor of Kellogg Library.

Q.  May reserve materials be taken out of the library?

A.  Most reserve materials may leave the library.  If there is an exception to this the item will be labeled.

Q.  How long do the items check out for?

A.  2 hours, 1 day, 3 days, or 1 week.

Q.  What are the fines for items returned late?

A.  $1.00 per hour or day.  Depending on the circulation period.

Q.  Do you have a copy of the textbook for my class on reserve?

A.  The library does not purchase textbooks.  The professor would have to put a personal copy of the textbook on reserve.

Q.  How many reserve items can be checked out at one time?

A.  Two items per class

Q.  May I renew reserve materials?

A.  Reserve materials may not be renewed.

Q.  Can I put a hold on a reserve item?

A.  No. Reserve items are checked out on a first come first served basis.




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