Getting Started

Getting Started

HIST 130 Getting Started

Writing a podcast script is not difficult if you have sufficient 'raw' material to start.

Your professor requires:

  • TWO primary sources (written by those alive during the time period)
  • TWO secondary (written by history professionals)
  • The time period is the American Revolution covering 1775-1783
  • Use people who have NOT been discussed in class

You have leads on some of the primary sources (diaries, memoirs, journals, etc.) in your course support and that is a fine start.


You cannot take two random people and throw them together in your podcast. They need something in common even if they are coming from very different viewpoints or experience. Examples:

  • Economic class (wealthy businessman vs small farmer or women in different classes)
  • Gender or social roles (women who assisted in the rebellion vs. someone who did not get involved)
  • Labor status (slave owner, slave or indentured servant)
  • Political beliefs (Loyalist vs Revolutionary)
  • On the Ideas page, you will see the scans of the Table of Contents from two books. These are various speeches, letters, pamphlets and essays written at the time of the war. Browse them for some ideas of the people and issues being discussed.

Your professor has given you primary sources sites. The Books tab will give you more options for finding primary sources. For peer-reviewed articles as secondary sources, see the Articles tab on this page.

Topic Ideas

Topic Ideas

HIST 130 Topic Ideas

Many books offer collections of separate items (letters, essays, etc.) and each is a primary source. Note that kind of book (called an 'anthology') will also have additional material written by scholars (secondary) to explain each item and place it in context. Be very careful with what you are reading to be sure you use it appropriately.

The page images below are from hard copy books that are currently on Course Reserves at the Check Out Desk of the Library. Enlarge the resolution of your monitor for easier reading.


Book One: Revolutionary America, 1750-1815: Sources and Interpretations
(In the Library Catalog is a similar online book Revolutionary America, 1763-1815: A Sourcebook)