Finding Symbols

Finding Symbols


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VSAR 130 Goldstein/Symbols


Don’t just limit yourself to the Visual Arts section—symbols and symbology are areas of interest in multiple disciplines, including psychology, anthropology, and history, so information can be found in several places in the library.

The following are guides to symbols and their various meanings and histories. Books are organized by subject, so similar titles can be found on the shelves next to them. Look around, follow your curiosity, and think broadly about the kinds of sources that might help you.


Jung, C., Franz, M., Henderson, J., Jaffé, A., & Jacobi, J. (1964). Man and his symbols.   

4th Floor Stacks                                      

BF173 .J735 1964   


Thompson, P., & Davenport, P. (1980). The dictionary of graphic images.

4th Floor Stacks                                              

BF458 .T46 1980                                              


Cavendish, R., Burland, C., & Innes, B. (1995). Man, myth & magic: The illustrated encyclopedia of mythology, religion, and the unknown

5th Floor Oversize Stacks (The oversize stacks are on the 5th floor, so this multi-volume set is not shelved with the other books in the regular “B” section).                       

BF1407 .M34 1997                                                  


Cirlot, J. (1962). A dictionary of symbols.

4th Floor Stacks                                              

BF1623.S9 C513                                                  


Cirlot, J. (1969). Diccionario de símbolos. (same as above, in Spanish)

4th Floor Stacks                                              

BF1623.S9 C5 1969                                                  


Vries, A. (1976). Dictionary of symbols and imagery.

4th Floor Stacks                                              

BL600 .V74 1976                                                  


Liungman, C. (1991). Dictionary of symbols.

4th Floor Stacks                                              

BL603 .L5413 1991    


Bell, R., & Schlesinger, J. (1982). Dictionary of classical mythology: Symbols, attributes & associations.

4th Floor Stacks                                              

BL715 .B44 1982                                                  


Zimmer, H., & Campbell, J. (1972). Myths and symbols in Indian art and civilization

4th Floor Stacks                                              

BL2003 .Z5 1972                                              


Crumrine, N., Halpin, M., & International Congress of Americanists. (1983). The power of symbols: Masks and masquerade in the Americas.

4th Floor Stacks                                              

E59.M3 P69 1983  


Womack, M. (2005). Symbols and meaning: A concise introduction.    

4th Floor Stacks                                              

GN452.5 .W66 2005      


Gillespie, A., & Mechling, J. (1987). American wildlife in symbol and story.

4th Floor Stacks                                              

GR105.3 .A47 1987      


Williams, C. (1961). Encyclopedia of Chinese symbolism and art motives: An alphabetical compendium of legends and beliefs as reflected in the manners and customs of the Chinese throughout history.

4th Floor Stacks                                              

GR335 .W53 1961                                                  


Binder, P. (1972). Magic symbols of the world.

5th Floor Oversize Stacks                                          

GR600 .B5                                                  


Werness, H. (2004). The Continuum encyclopedia of animal symbolism in art.   

4th Floor Stacks                                              

GR705 .W47 2003   


Chevalier, J., Gheerbrant, A., & Buchanan-Brown, J. (1996). A dictionary of symbols (Penguin reference books).

4th Floor Stacks                                              

GR931 .C4413 1996          


Hall, J. (1974). Dictionary of subjects and symbols in art.

5th Floor Stacks                                              

N7560 .H34 1974b                                                  


Abdullah, R., & Hübner, R. (2006). Pictograms, icons & signs: A guide to information graphics.    

5th Floor Oversize Stacks                                      

NC1002.L63 A2513 2006


Wilkinson, R. (1992). Reading Egyptian art: A hieroglyphic guide to ancient Egyptian painting and sculpture.                                               

5th Floor Stacks                                              

PJ1097 .W5 1992      

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