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PSCI 413A: Constitutional Law: Gamble v. U.S.

Getting Started

PSCI 413A: Constitutional Law-Gamble Getting Started

This semester, you are researching and writing an analysis for YOUR decision in the Gamble v US case.

Dr. Beavers is asking you to take a stand on this case by providing your own ruling on the question before the Court. This question, from the Oyez website. is:

Should the Court overrule the “separate sovereigns” exception to

the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Fifth Amendment?

In order to answer this question you need to answer the following:

  • What is the background to this case (look for relevant prior cases)
  • What is the conflict being addressed in this case?
  • How do the relevant prior cases fit with this case?
  • What did you find valid and insightful from the oral arguments?
  • How would you vote on this case? Evaluate the arguments and support your decision with your analysis of the merits of the arguments.

You need a MINIMUM of the following:

FIVE of the merits briefs (not from assigned readings). You must include at least one from each side of the argument.

THREE (minimum) relevant preceding cases (not listed on the syllabus)

The TRANSCRIPT of the oral arguments

Law Reviews

PSCI 413A: Gamble-Law Reviews

Law review journals MAY provide some additional insight. They are generally written by law students. These you will find in CSUSM databases:


  • Westlaw

as well as some electronic free access law school web sites. Be aware that you may not find the most recent issues for free online and may not reflect current law.

Primary Sources

PSCI 413A: Gamble-Primary

Try these sources for locating briefs and relevant case law for Docket No. 17-646

Looking for the United States Code (such as what is 18 USC)?

Office of the Law Revision Council (OLRC)

Citing Legal Materials

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