ID 340: Community Equity Report

ID 340: Community Equity Report

ID340: Community Equity Report

Community Equity Report Assignment (Professor Ardon)

Objective: The Community Equity Reports aim to provide a multidimensional understating of diverse communities in the United States. Each report should offer comprehensive knowledge into the community’s history, socio-cultural, economic, and political landscape, and highlight social issues of concern and community advocacy.

Directions: You will choose a community in the United States, California, or the border region to report on its geographic and demographic background, history, issues of inequity, and advocacy. You may use reports, census data, and/or newspaper articles to conduct your reporting. The reports are worth 15 points each. Each report should be between 3-4 pages, doubled-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman. Sources must be cited in APA format. Submit through Cougar Courses in PDF format by 3 PM and bring a hardcopy to class on the due date.

ID 340: Research Essay

ID 340: Research Essay

ID 340: Research Essay


Explore and analyze the ways in which discrimination is manifested in society and how discrimination affects diverse communities in the U.S.

Overview: Incorporating theoretical frameworks discussed in class, the research should emphasize one form of discrimination (race, ethnicity, age, nationality, language, socio-economic status, social mobility, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.) and how it affects a segment of the population (women, men, LGBTQ, youth, elders, people of color, immigrants, etc.) in a particular social setting (education, health, employment, living conditions, political representation, media representation, etc.).


The student must conduct their own original research. - The findings should be based on at least 5 peer-reviewed journal articles, and a combination of concepts discussed in class, course readings, and/or statistical data. - The essay should be 4-5 pages in length, doubled-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, and APA style. 

Identify and find scholarly articles

Identify and find scholarly articles

BRS 100: Identify and Find Scholarly Articles

A scholarly article is how researchers (scholars) communicate the findings and analysis of their research. Scholarly articles:

  • Provide original research and analysis - these articles are based on studies or experiments, or analyze an artifact or event. Every scholarly article presents something new about the world we didn't know before.
  • Are written by scholars - scholars tend to hold PhDs, or other advanced degrees and are professors at universities.
  • Are published in peer-reviewed journals - These are generally accessed via library databases.
  • Might be hard to read - they act as the primary conversation between scholars about a field of study. Since they are written by scholars, for scholars, they contain specialized language that might be hard for the lay person to understand.

Credit: Allison Carr 

TUTORIAL: How to find scholarly articles in the CSUSM library databases


Tip Examples
Use keywords, not long search phrases

Instead of searching for "How does a failure to understand cultural differences impact the medical treatment of African American and Hispanic/Latinx communities?" break down your search into the main keywords:

cultural differences, medical treatment, African American, Hispanic, Latinx

Use AND to combine different keywords "cultural differences" AND medical treatment AND race
Use OR to combine similar keywords cultural identity OR ethnic identity
Use quotation marks (" ") to keep phrases together "cultural differences"
Look for ways to limit your search in the database You can often limit by type of article (scholarly and peer-reviewed), year of publicationsubject 


Research Databases

Research Databases

Most Useful

Database Full Text Coverage Scholarly
Sociological Abstracts

Provides access to the latest international findings in theoretical and applied sociology, social science, and political science.

Links to full-text via Get-It 1963 to current All
Social Services Abstracts

Abstracts of current research focused on social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy, and community development.

Links to full-text via Get-It 1980 to current All

Contains (EXCEPT for the latest five years) core scholarly journals in sociology, history, economics, political science, mathematics, African-American & Asian studies, literature, humanities, music, and biological, health & general sciences.

Full-text 1838 to most recent five years Most

<P>A national database of education literature, including reports and journal articles.</P>

Links to full-text via Get-It 1966 to current Some
Social Work Abstracts

This database provides access to social work and human services journals from 1965 to the present. Topics include addictions, therapy, child and family welfare, civil and legal rights, mental health, education, and human services.

Links to full-text via Get-It 1965 to current Most

Also Useful

Database Full Text Coverage Scholarly
Academic Search Premier

<p>This scholarly collection offers information in nearly every area of academic study including: computer sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry, language and linguistics, arts &amp; literature, medical sciences, ethnic studies, and many more.</p>

Some full-text; plus links to full-text via Get-It 1975 to current Most
Google Scholar CSUSM

Link to citations and full-text from your CSUSM Library databases and beyond!

Some full-text; plus links to full-text via Get-It current to current All
Dissertations and Theses Database: The Humanities and Social Sciences Collection

<p>Dissertations and Theses Database includes digitized dissertations in a variety of subject areas including Art, Communications, Education, History, Linguistics, Literature, and Social Sciences.</p>

Some full-text 1979 to current All
WestlawNext Campus Research

This is a comprehensive database for news, business, and law-related information has been designed for students. It brings together news databases arranged geographically and topically; newswires as well as business, trade, and professional journals and publications; and law-related resources, including both primary law and analysis.

Full-text 1789 to current Some
Oxford University Press Journals

Provides access to the full text of approximately 168 scholarly journals in a variety of disciplines including life sciences, medicine, physical sciences, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and law.

Full-text 1996 to current All
Sage Journals Online

Sage Journals Online includes over 460 journals in Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science, Technology and Medicine.

Full-text current to current All
Women's Studies International

Includes over 204,000 records drawn from a variety of essential women's studies databases.

Links to full-text via Get-It 1972 to current Most
Project Muse

<p>Full-text coverage for hundreds of scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematics</p>

Full-text 1993 to current All

Newspapers & Data

Newspapers & Data

Use these databases to search across newspapers and news magazines. To access full-text of the article, look for the GET-IT Button.

Most Useful

Database Full Text Coverage Scholarly
ProQuest - News & Newspapers

Search among ProQuest’s News & Newspapers databases

Some full-text; plus links to full-text via Get-It 1985 to current None

Covers news and business information, including Dow Jones and Reuters newswires and The Wall Street Journal, plus more than 8,000 other sources providing current news.

Full-text 1975 to current Some
Academic Search Premier

<p>This scholarly collection offers information in nearly every area of academic study including: computer sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry, language and linguistics, arts &amp; literature, medical sciences, ethnic studies, and many more.</p>

Some full-text; plus links to full-text via Get-It 1975 to current Most

An important index to political, economic, and social issues in current debate.

Links to full-text via Get-It 1972 to current All
Ethnic NewsWatch

<p>Full-text ethnic newspapers, searchable in English or Spanish.</p>

Some full-text; plus links to full-text via Get-It 1992 to current None

<p>GenderWatch contains publications which focus on how gender impacts a broad spectrum of subject areas. GenderWatch is a repository of an important historical perspective on the evolution of the women’s movement and the changes in gender roles.</p>

Full-text 1970 to current All

Also Useful

Database Full Text Coverage Scholarly
San Diego Union Tribune (current coverage)

The San Diego Union-Tribune is the product of a merger of the San Diego Union, founded in 1868, and the Evening Tribune, founded in 1895. Published from an editorial, printing and business plant in San Diego's Mission Valley, it is the second-oldest newspaper in Southern California, and the oldest business in San Diego County; an area known as a popular vacation destination and home to Mission Bay Park, the largest man-made aquatic park in the country, consisting of 4,235 acres. The Union-Tribune has won numerous journalism awards over the years, including the Pulitzer Prize, and features daily news, sports, shopping, and entertainment coverage for the San Diego area.

Full-text 1983 to current Some
San Diego Union Newspaper Archive

<p>Collection of newspapers published in San Diego under various titles, including the San Diego Union.</p>

Full-text 1872 to 1983
Los Angeles Times (1996-present)

Los Angeles Times articles from 1996-present. For articles published prior to 1996, see the Los Angeles Times (Historical) Database.

Full-text 1996 to present None
Los Angeles Times (Historical)

Archival issues and articles beginning with 1881. Issues published during the past twenty-four years are not available in this database. Check ProQuest or Factiva databases for the material not held in this collection.

Full-text Archive None
New York Times (Current, 1980-present)

Articles from the New York Times from 1980-present.  For articles prior to 1980, see the New York Times (Historical Collection) Database.

Full-text 1980 to present None
New York Times (Historical Collection)

The New York Times Historical Collection provides full page and article images including the NY Daily Times (1851-1857). The most recent four years not included in this historical collection can be searched through ProQuest Direct, LexisNexis or Factiva.

Full-text Archive None
African American Newspapers, 1827-1998

Newspapers digitized from 37 states chronicling African American experiences and influence in a variety of events from the early 19th through late 20th centuries.

Full-text 1827 to 1998 None
Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980

Spanish and English language newspapers offering news, advertisements, opinion and more from across the nation reflecting contemporary thought and activity.

Full-text 1808 to 1980 None

ID 340: Reports & Data

Reports & Data


U.S. Census Quickfacts - Current population and other data for locations with a population of 5,000 or more. Options for viewing the data in charts, maps or tables.

American Factfinder - U.S. Census Bureau interface for accessing decennial and American Community Survey (ACS) data from 2000-present.

U.S. State Data Center Program  - A network of Data Centers  that provide census information for individual states.

U.S. Population Projections - Census Bureau estimates of the population for future dates.

PolicyMap - Online data and mapping application providing access to housing, crime, mortgage, health, demographic, job, and education indicators from both public and proprietary sources. 

Source: Princeton University Library, Population Research Libguide


SANDAG  The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is the San Diego region's primary public planning, transportation, and research agency

Pew Hispanic Center The Pew Research Center's Hispanic Trends project is a nonpartisan research organization that seeks to improve understanding of the U.S. Hispanic population

Migration Policy Institute The Migration Information Source provides authoritative data, and global analysis of international migration and refugee trends.



Citing in APA

Citing in APA