Lenses & Article Types

Lenses & Article Types

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Outline of Library Instruction session: http://bit.ly/SkokanFall19

  • Outline provides - suggested databases, subject headings, screenshots of searches, tips & tricks for successful database searching.


Theoretical Lenses 

Read from a general source about a theory

Use a book, eBook

Try the books & more search 

Find evidence in a scholarly journal article:





Example of TO USE and NOT Helpful article types for this assignment:

What TO USE for this assignment:

  • Humanities formatted articles

  • Articles that use words such as: rhetoric, discourse, framework, cultural, argue, analysis, text (could be a novel, film, book, comic)

One example of an "article type" TO USE for your analysis

Cultural Consumption and Rejection of Precious Jones: Pushing Disability into the Discussion of Sapphire's Push and Lee Daniel's Precious



What article types NOT TO USE for this assignment: 

  • The article follows an IMRad format (Sciences/Social Sciences):

    • Introduction, Methods, Results, Analysis, and Discussion

  • The article mentions: a number of participants, states a hypothesis, uses words "this study," "the Data," "Survey," etc. 

Example of an Article NOT useful for this assignment:

Attitudes in Context: Media Effects of Salient Contextual Information on Recipients' Attitudes Toward Persons with Disabilities






MLA Citations

As you write your paper, you'll need to cite passages and ideas from the sources you've found.  In order to cite your resources properly, you need to follow the style guide used by for this class, the MLA Handbook.

Sites with examples of in-text citations and works cited pages (supplement the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers)

In the library:

MLA handbook for writers of research papers

Manage your citations and resources:

Zotero (it's free!, create a library to save your articles, notes and create citations)