Doing Business in Other Countries

Doing Business in Other Countries

Doing Business in ...

Recommended Sources for Doing Business in .... guides

GETTING STARTED --- Country Briefings

GlobalEDGE International Business  -- START HERE

Covers free resources and links to research topics, countries, states, industries, and statistical tools. Created by Michigan State University, Broad College of Business.

Quick Links, especially: 

  • Country Commercial Guide
  • BBC--Country Profile--verview, Facts, Leaders, Historial Timeline and of course latest news
  • Left Nav Bar for detailed content on each country  GBM 425
Country Commercial Guides (Doing business in ....) GBM 425
Industry Overviews
Market Updates
Multilateral Development Bank Reports
Best Markets
Industry / Regional Reports


Euromonitor Passport  --GBM 425

Economies, Finance, and Trade
Details by category including FDI and other indicators by Country. 
Analysis and Statistics by category and industry


Related Trade Database (US Census)

Exports: "A related-party export transaction is one between a U.S. exporter and a foreign consignee, where either party owns, directly or indirectly, 10 percent or more of the other party."

U.S. International Trade Statistics by NAICS and country

Craighead's international business, travel, and relocation guide to 90 countries. REF HF5549.5.E45 C73 2004 2 vol.
This title is getting a bit dated but has practical relocation info.

Business details, directories,

USA Trade Online   For the advanced user.  Import / export stats by commodity, country, state and port.  In depth -- use to determine commodity volumn by country and rankings.
"A dynamic data tool that gives users access to current and cumulative U.S. export and import data" (Source: About USA Trade Online).  Sign-in required.
Quick Start guide on the USA Trade Online 

Country Risk Reports and Indicators

Doing Business: Benchmarking Business Regulations (World Bank)
Practical info on doing business in a selected country.
Compare and calculate business risk in over 175 countries. Topics cover all aspects of starting and operating businesses in the selected countries. Includes business law library in home language that include labor laws, tax and tariffs. Yearly World Bank Doing Business In ... reports available for download.
Recommended for GBM 425 and BA 616 view links for law library and download country report, some are more complete than others.

NationMaster GBM 425
Quickly compare two countries across categories

World Bank Open Data Browse by Country and Indicator
Look for Indicator -- Financial

IMF  International Monetary Fund. 

International financial statistics.


Dig deeper, latest news and analysis

Business Source Premier  (Library database) GBM 425
Seach:   Doing business in ........   to find articles on many countries.

Europa (The European Union Online)
Find news, activities, official documents and information sources including statistics.

Global Development Finance / World Bank.
Global Economic Prospects / World Bank.
These two flagship publications from the World Bank serve to track, record and forecast financial capital and economic forces for emerging countries.

International Country Statistics on the Web
Lists statistical agencies for each country. Through a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Web Site.

OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OECD Statistics Portal
Statistics arranged by topic and member country. Some topics are globalisation, Information and Communication Technology, Labor, Purchasing power.

OECD Stats by Theme
Comprehensive list of OECD statistical data collection programmes classified by theme.

OECD Data portal
Find, compare and share the latest OECD data: Charts, maps, tables, etc.

Described as a business-to-business directory for European business establishments. Search by product, service, company name, the directory returns company name, address, email, and maps and catalogs.

Selected countries

ProMexico Doing business in Mexico resources

China Business Research Guide
Best source for business guides to China. Compiled by University of Penn librarians.



Company Research

Company Research



Business uses directories for industry analysis, competitor analysis, marketing, supplier, customers.
Company directories provide individual and competitor details for:

  • Name
  • Address and other contacts
  • Key personnel
  • Revenue and Sales
  • Employee size
  • NAIC / SIC numbers

Databases by Subject -- Business (this link opens in a separate window so you can acces each of these recommended databases). 

Searching databases for private companies, non-profits, schools and other other organizations may require multiple trys in different sources. 

ReferenceUSA  US private and public businesses,  some nonprofits includes sales and employee numbers.  Executive contact info.

How to Find Franchises in ReferenceUSA     GBM 425

For your Final GBM 425 Falla 2019 assignment find a franchise in ReferenceUSA use these filters to limit to select according to your assignment instructions 

1. Advanced Search -- Keyword:  Franchise  
2. Headquarters --- Pick several states
3. Sales --- Over 1 Billion  or figure adequate to expand oversees

RefUSA Learning Center  ** Quick Training material, videos, and guides**  How to search for businesses, competitors, suppliers, jobs and internships, general consumer research. 

Step By Step Guide to RefUSA [Does not work waiting for software update.] Company & Competitor search  *** Custom Guide to get to competitors. ***

How to guides for all things ReferenceUSA

Addition options for company searches

2. Manta (Free web)

Factiva   Public company profiles.
Choose the Companies tab across the top first to find Company profiles, competitors, and latest news.

CQ FD Disclosure Conference Calls:  C-Level transcripts to analysts for Quarterly and Annual reports. 
To access:   Search name of company > Narrow on Left nav bar to Source:  Disclosure Reports


Hoovers In Depth Company Profiles (Proquest)
Public and some larger companies,  Short competitor list and executives.

Business Source Premier   Search for Company SWOT analysis, large companies only.  

Megent Online BUS 444
Excellent for public corporations worldwide, also limited info on private companies in US.  Annual report in-depth financials, detailed history and abiltiy to make custom reports and analyse competitors.  Financial analysis from annual report data and  research firms 

Company > Reports > Mergent Reports
Company > Competitors > Add all > Company Comparison Report 

Company Detais > Highlights (Health Check) 
Company Detais > Business segments (not required by the SEC but some reports available)
Company > Report Builder > Comparison Reports = against industry, or against Top 10, etc. 

California Business Entitites  Search for existing companies or file for new company name

Non-profit and charitable resource page
Recommended:  Charity Navigator, ERI Nonprofit Foundation Grant info. Foundation Center, Grant Search, GuideStar, IRS Master Tax File.

News articles on the web and library subscriptions.  Use .gov .org 


INDUSTRY DATA  Best place to start your industry analysis is by reviewing the BUS 302 Industry Reports how to apply Porter's, SWOTT, or Griffin.
The U.S. Census and use NAIC Industry Code for latest Industry Statistics.
Census --> Business and Industry --> Data by Geography


Global Industry Reports

Global Industry Reports

Industry Profiles (Industry overview reports)

Industry Research

Industry Reports  prepared by expert analysts in this premium content.  Offer a broad description and outlook at the macro environment of an industry, key trends, broad customer profiles and market or investment analysis of the industry.  Many databases offer the ability to search by NAICS code. 

IBISWorld  US Industry reports. Search by keyword OR NAIC code (uses 5 digits of 6 digit codes).     

Industry Research in over 700 reports by NAIC for the US. industry analysis, external, internal and economic, supply chain.  Some Global and International Reports

First Research  (Mergent Intellect)

Industry Research and Interview starter questions for exec levels.  Social Media feed updates on business and industry.

Mergent Online  Go to  the Report Search Tab to get to the industry reports. 
Use for major industries only,  global coverage. Especially useful for industries represented by publicly traded companies. Search by company or broad industry name.

ABI Inform / Complete  
Use the BROWSE   tab for publications on industry, commodities, and country reports.

  • BMI Country Industry Reports
  • BMI Global Oil Market Reports
  • BMI Industry Insight Reports
  • BMI Risk Reports

Industry Specific:

Hospitality --- BRASS Business Librarian recommendations for researching the hospitality industry. 

Fashion:  On the Front Lines when Currencies Shift

Local Industry Analysis 

San Diego Economic Development Industry Reports  (Website)
"San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC) regularly releases and sponsors research that provides a baseline of industry data to encourage and support economic investment. EDC also conducts studies on key industries and identify actions needed to spur growth in the region." (Source: San Diego Regional EDC).

S&P Capital IQ  Industry Surveys HG4915 .S652  3rd Floor Reference [Print]

Excellent for in depth analysis industries representing large US corporations. Segments on Industry Trends, How an Industry Operates, How to Analyse a Company.  Its in print but it is the single best industry introduction source in this library.  Excellent source for more sources of information such as trade magazines, professional associations and regulators.

NetAdvantage San Diego City Public Library   Electronic version of Industry Surveys 

Business Source Premier (EbscoHost database) 

Marketline reports with global coverage. Each report contains statistics on industry market value, forecast, and market segmentation, competition and leading companies.  Look for Porter's Five Forces analysis.  Each report is 24 pages long, caution to look at dates may be older.

San Diego Association of Governments [SANDAG] (Website)
          SANDAG serves as the forum for regional decision-making for the San Diego
          region. Resources such as Demographics and other data and publications will
          be of interest. 

Market Research Reports

Passport Euromonitor Global Industry Reports  Detailed reporting.  GBM 425  and SE MARKETING PROJECTS
Euromonitor Industry reports, in depth analysis on trends in consumer products and services industries, include market analyst reports and statistical data.  Country and consumer reseacher as well as economic, business and transport.

Financial Industry Analysis For those looking for more financial analysis. 

Bizminer   Detailed industry financial and industry market analysis.   9000 industries by sales.  Find reports at the national, state, county, metro and zip code.  Update 6/18:  Now shows Z-scores for credit strength and financial viability.

Industry Snapshots by NAIC from the census
Statistical profiles of US Industries by NAIC. 

Statistical Abstract of the United States (Proquest)
Excellent compilation of essential statistics to support other reports.  The source is often government and other agencies. 

Books on Industry in the library.

Hundreds of different industries are represented in the library catalog.
You will find whole books on the food industry, or service industries, craft beer, restaurants, etc.

Manufacturing Industries
Retail trade
Service Industries
Industry Profile United States (e-reports)



Global Business News

Global Business News

Stay Informed: WSJ, Economist, San Diego UT, San Diego Business Journal

Business News:  Stay informed

Wall Street Journal, Economist, San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego Business Journal   GBM 425, MGMT 474

The library has top business news and journals electronically and in print.
For electronic access always LOGIN to the library home page for full access.

Wall Street Journal   Recommended Via FACTIVA Full text via library signin

Choose the NEWS PAGES on the black bar to get the latest 2 weeks WSJ, NYT, LA Times, Washington Post and othersWall Street Journal and other top national papers on most recent two weeks

  • NEWS PAGES on the black bar to get the latest 2 weeks WSJ, NYT, LA Times, Washington Post and others
  • SEARCH tip   Change Date from 3 months to 2 years 

Wall Street Journal  To search specific articles in ABI Inform or FACTIVA

The Economist  Electronic via Proquest ABI Inform.  Caution the  Free Economist on the web only gives limited content.

San Diego Union Tribune   Electronic via Newsbank 

San Diego Union Tribune   Print copy Kellogg Library 3rd Fl behind Research Help Desk. Please read in the area rather then take to other floors.

San Diego Business Journal   Electronic via Proquest ABI Inform

Also available via FACTIVA search,


San Diego Business Journal    Print copy Kellogg Library 3rd Floor behind Research Help Desk.  Please read in the area rathen then take to other floors.



Business News

  • Change sort order to Newest Date first
  • Narrow by Subject (more options)

Business Source Premier (EBSCO)
Good for trade news and the only place to find Harvard Business Review (HBR selected not all).

Excellent for international and major business news.  (WSJ, NYT, Washington Post, San Diego Union-Tribune)

Factiva Tips!  

  • Change Date from 3 months to 2 years
  • Choose the NEWS PAGES on the black bar to get the latest 2 weeks WSJ, NYT, LA Times, Washington Post and others

Business News Publications

Newsbank:  America's News
Full text of major news sources including the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, and Press Enterprise


San Diego Union Tribune    Link here and print edition, see 3rd floor of the library (behind the research help desk).
San Diego Business Journal   Proquest ABI Inform and print edition, see 3rd floor of the library (behind the research help desk).
Press Enterprise Riverside County Newsbank


Bloomberg BusinessWeek   Full text through Business Sources Premier

Bloomberg Tip!  Search within this publication    top right


The Economist  (online) Full text link.  [via Proquest ABI Inform]  Free Economist gives only limited content

Financial Times (London) ABI Inform (Proquest)  Last month not available. 

Harvard Business Review  Ebsco - Business Source Premier -- Full text of Harvard business review.

HBR Tips!

  • Some full text not available electronically.  See paper edition  HF5001.H3 (4th floor periodicals)
  • Case studies are not available in this subscription

Trade and  Professional Associations  -- Industry Trending News

Look to trade association pages on the free web.  Many industry and news reports will identify them.  Some information is available free, but most are only available to members.  Get around this by searching the association name for news reports in the above databases.  Examples of trade and professional associations are the National Restaurant Association; American Library Association.

Find associations in the industry reports recommended here, such as First Research.  Search on the web using .org   Find references to associations in news article





International Target Market

International Target Market

Target Markets

Target Market (International)

Passport Euromonitor   (csusm login)

Passport is an premium international consumer market database. It has statistics and analysis on 164 countries. 
Consumer Trends and Lifestyles
Income and Expenditures
Population and Homes
Technology, Communications and Media

Choose multiple countries or trading blocks to compare.

Other resouces for products and markets

USA Trade Online  (requires registration) Detailed import / export stats by port. 

EXPORT.GOV  Market Research Library

*****Great resource for Foreign Marketing Intelligence***

Go to the Country Commercial Guides (Doing Business in) 








Import / Export

Import / Export

Import / Export


Use this guide to get practical information on import, export, products, suppliers, products, consumers, industries and tax and tariff info. for education on how to export

San Diego International Trade Resources.
Good instructions and video clips on how to export and set up a  business. short videos on every aspect of exporting.

Part A:  Export Compliance and Regulations including Taxes and Tariffs, what's a freight forwarder, pro forma invoice, foreign trade zones
Part B:  Reporting Electronic Export Info, how to classify your commodity.
Part C: Using Trade Data for Export Planning and Strategy
Parct D:  Trade Agreements

Market Research, Products, Consumers etc

Euromonitor Passport CSUSM only GBM 425  
Comparative statistics on consumer product and services in major countries.  Essays on market potential in countries.

Mergent Online  provides information on industries in large geographic areas.  Select Industry Analysis with industry & country.

International Trade Data by Import / Export 

United States   International Trade Administration
Industry, Country, State, Port reports.  Top level data on imports and exports.  Did you know San Diego ranks 20th in port exports?

International Trade AdministrationTradeStats Express

UN Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade)
Provides export/import data on commodities between two countries. Search by commodity name or harmonized codes.

USA TradeOnline.  GBM 425 Follow instructions on the Practice Sheet for Kellogg Library Access
Detailed stats!   Import / Export commodity data between US and other countries. Port level data!   Search by commodity, commodity ranking, and times series, countries and trade groups.

Getting Stated Guide USA TradeOnline

Video Clip on access Import / Export Data in USA Trade Online

Video Clips on State Export data

U.S. Department of State
The Business Center web site has resources to help U.S. business in foreign countries. The Countries and Regions web site has country background reports. Embassy listings for each country include resources on doing business in that country including Country Commercial Guides.

U. S. International Trade Administration
News, statistics, Export Assistance.

Manifest Journals
Contains US Import Data analysis. Free registration required.

Doing Business ...   Import / Export Guidance, Tax, Tariff and  GBM 425
Guidance for import and export by country.  GBM 425
International trade assistance and links to federal agencies with exporting resources
U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Trade   Import and Export information.



Export Inport Bank of the United States
Export credit agency and financing.

Trade regulations, country specific trade issues, industry sectors

U.S. Chamber of Commerce (international business category)

Help with Export Barriers
Office of the United States Trade Representative

US. State Dept

US Export Controls

UK and Ireland (firm information)

USA Trade Online  (Free trial registration)

For Europe

For Latin America

California International Trade Programs  some useful export assistance programs.

Corporate Information
Interactive web forms guide you in researching a company, a country, and industry, and currency rates.

Alibaba World wide access to wholesale product sellers and buyers. Free registration required.

Kompass Worldwide B to B supplier network
International directory of import/export companies with short company descriptions, contact information, and products and services. Some with web links to company sites.

Directory of United States Importers. REF HF3012 .D54 
Published by Commonwealth Business Media and PIERS. The directory is arranged by company name, product (name and SIC), state, trade commissions, embassy and consulate, foreign trade zones, ports, and financial services.

Directory of United States Exporters. REF HF 3011 .D63 
Published by Commonwealth Business Media and PIERS. The directory is arranged by company name, product (name and SIC), state, trade commissions, embassy and consulate, foreign trade zones, ports, and financial services.

Cost to Export (US$ per container)  World Bank  Comparative fees associated with exporting or importing a container

Port of Entry--San Diego
Port of San Diego, including Airport/Seaport, and Palomar Airport.
List of brokers with contact, and service hours
Forms for import export operations


Useful sites

San Diego World Trade Center
The SDWTC is an international business service organization licensed by the World Trade Center Association in New York. Members and clients of the SDWTC are primarily small, medium sized businesses or organizations committed to world trade.

Harmonized Codes, Tariffs, Shipping and Logistics

Harmonized Codes, Tariffs, Shipping and Logistics

Find Harmonized Code and Tariff rates

To ship oversees you first need, to know if the United States has trade relations with that country, what the agreement is, agreements are based on type of product and country agreements.

TRADE AGREEMENT OR TARIFFS  GLOBAL TARIFFS Tariff and Import Fees in another country. (Free registration).  Iinstruction sheet distributed in class.

Finding your Tariff Rate:  
Read the short introduction on tariffs and other taxes and fees.  This article has a list of Tariff Schedules for other countries.

Country Commerical Guides will include some general information on trariff rates.  Good if US has Free Trade Agreement with the importing country. For others you must use the recommended sources below to find your HS code and then find the trariff schedules for the importing country.  Some are recommended below. 

 >>>  GBM 425:   Use the inclass activity sheet distributed in class to find your HS Product Code and calculate tariffs and taxes for your target export country.

1.  FIND Harmonized Code (HS code) for your product
The code is used to identify the product on all documents, and is used to find the tariff for any importing country.

a) HTS Search

To find your code you may need to try different terms.  (eyeglasses are called spectables, toothpaste is oral paste).

> > >  Census Schedule B Search Engine

Other Recommended Tariff Seaches:

1. FTA Tariff Tool.  FREE TRADE AGREEMENT COUNTRIES The 20 countries free trade agreements with the United  States.  

>> Use the Tariff Worksheet distributed in class to find your tariff.

2. Customs Info Database:  Free with registration.  Will need 6 digit HS code. 
a) Type in your HS six digit code.

b) Tariff Search Criteria:  Country to import to:  .... 

c)  Country of Origin (United States) and Country of Shipment (United States)

d) Calcuate: Returns Tariff Treatment, Tax and regulations

3.   (limited free searches)
Enter your product and import country.  Calculate product and country import duties.



Shipping Logistics and Supply Chain

Shipping Logistics and Supply Chain 

Journal of Commerce website
International trade news on topics in commercial transportation and supply chain.  Special Topics, Ports, Sailings, Trucking, Logistics, Rail etc. 

Journal of Commerce full text (Proquest)
Get the full text of the articles referenced above.  All aspects of commercial transport including economic, trade agreements, sustainability

World Freight Rates
Enter originating port, destination port, container size and value. GBM 425



Citing your paper in APA

Citing your paper in APA

APA Citations for Business


Common Business Citation Styles

Common Business Citations in APA Format and selected other links

How to Cite in Text:
Cite as (last name or company name, year, page number). Example: (Longboard Grotto, 2009, p.23)
She stated, "Students often had difficulty using APA style" (Jones, 1998, p. 199), but she did not offer an explanation as to why.
According to Jones (1998), "Students often had difficulty using APA style, especially when it was their first time" (p. 199).

Consult the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) for detailed explanations and additional examples. Copies are available at the Cal State San Marcos Research Help Desk (BF76.7.P83 2009) or on Reserve.

Recommended Citation Generators
A note of caution about Citation Generators.... NOT ALL ARE ACCURATE! Like everything, you need to know the basics and use them with caution and expect to make corrections. EbscoHost databases and Proquest have built in citation generators for each article. Use Cite This, or email citation. Known bug: Proquest authors and dates may need reformatting.

KnightCite developed by Hekman Library Calvin College
DocsCite developed by Arizona State University to help cite government documents
Owl at Purdue APA Style. Highly recommended. Also note the sample manuscript with notations for APA instructions on formatting.

Cite the article as you would any print article and add the electronic access information at the end.
DOI: To access electronic articles preference is given to supplying an Digital Object Identifier, a unique number for an article. Inclusion of the DOI, if available, facilitates retrieval
How to find a DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
Example: doi:10.1108/03090560710821161
* If no DOI end with the home page, do not paste the whole URL, of the database name,


Articles and News

News article

Wilmot, S. (2019). Electric Cars Have a Profit Problem --- Battery-powered vehicles are better for Wall Street than Detroit manufacturers. Wall Street Journal, pp. Wall Street Journal, 2019-05-14.

Articles, Scholarly, peer review

Sabir, S., Rafique, A., & Abbas, K. (2019). Institutions and FDI: Evidence from developed and developing countries. Financial Innovation, 5(1), 1-20.



Chapter in a book:
O'Neil, J. M., & Egan, J. (1992). Men's and women's gender role journeys: A metaphor for healing, transition, and transformation. In B. R. Wainrib (Ed.), Gender issues across the life cycle (pp. 107-123). New York, NY: Springer.

Whole book:
McDonald, M. & Keegan, W. J. (1997). Marketing plans that work. Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann.

E-book, no DOI:
Stark, J. (2010). Building iPhone apps with html, css, and javascript [1st ed]. Retrieved from Safari Books.


Author (date of publication). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume number, page number. Retrieved from http://homeurlonly.htm
Title of company (date). Publisher, database source. Retrieved from source name.

Examples: Entries in library databases:
ViaSat Inc. (n.d.). Retrieved from EbscoHost Business Source Premier.

Company website:
Qualcomm (2010). FY 2009 4th Quarter Earnings Release. Retrieved from the Qualcomm, Inc. website


Chapter or Section of a web document:

Cite the most specific webpage that you reference in your paper and include a link to the specific page.


Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of article. In Title of book or larger web document (chapter or section number).
Retrieved from (courtesy of Owl at Purdue)
Spain: Culture (2010). In GlobalEdge. Retrieved January 18, 2010 from

Industry Statistics:
U.S. Census Bureau. (2010). Musical instrument and supplies stores NAICS: 45114. Washington DC: Author.
Retrieved January 21, 2010 from the World Wide Web:….

Data Set (user created):

For customized datasets derived from an electronic database.
SimplyAnalytics (2008). Give your data set a name in italics. Available from SimplyAnalytics
InfoGroup. (2010). Corporate Lodging San Diego Metro Area. Available from ReferenceUSA database.

Encyclopedia, Reference Source or Chapter in a book

See Reference list: other print sources. In Purdue Owl.

Encyclopedia, No author:
Physical Fitness Products. (2007). In Encyclopedia of American industries. (pp. 671-675). Millerton, NY: Grey House Publications.
Reference work, Author:
Basham, M. (2009). Restaurants. In Standard & Poor's industry surveys. (Vol. 1). New York: Standard &Poor's.

Reference work: Multiple Authors: (authors in order as they appear)
Edell, J. A., & Burke, M. C. (1998). Feelings towards ads. In Bearden, W. O. & Netemeyer, R. G. In Handbook of marketing scales (2nd ed., pp. 283-285). Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Legal Citation Formats

How to cite legal citations.   Use the  Cornell University Law School, Introduction to Basic Legal Citation.



To get the data for this YouTube clip you will need to extract speaker or author name, introductory slide, and other info.

Steuer, D. (2010). Section 2: Effects of economic downturn. 2010 county of San Diego economic roundtable. Retrieved January 21, 2010 from

Personal Communication  (interview)

APA rules states that you cite your interviews or emails in the text only since they are not retrievable. Your professor may also require you to list them in the Works Cited list.

Example: (J. Welch, personal communication, January 21, 2010)

Patricia Burns, e-mail message to author, December 15, 2008.

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