Education Articles & Books

Education Articles & Books

Education Articles & Books


Our databases house thousands of top academic, scholarly journals in the field.  In order to find research articles within those journals, you need to search these databases. You will need your student id and password to access these databases from home. Remember, your student id and password are what you use to log in to Cougar Courses and your email account:

ERIC:  A national information system funded by the U.S. Department of Education which provides access to both journal articles and documents (such as national education reports) on education-related issues.

PsycINFO: A comprehensive international database of psychology, covering academic and empirical research in psychology.

Sociological Abstracts: Provides access to the latest international findings in theoretical and applied sociology, social science, and political science.

JSTOR: Contains scholarly journal articles in sociology, history, education, political science, and much more (no full-text for the latest 5 years)

Academic Search Premier: Offers scholarly and general information in nearly every area of academic study including, including education and many more.

Google Scholar: Link to citations and full-text from your CSUSM Library databases and beyond!

Remember, if CSUSM does not own the article you need, please use Interlibrary Loan to request the article from another library.  Once received, the article will be emailed directly to your CSUSM email account (**allow 1-10 business days for delivery**).



Books are a great place to start your research journey because they provide general and historical background information on your topic. Below is a list of books by "keywork" and "subject headings" that are related to topics in Education. To find other books related to Education in our library, use our Library Catalog.


Books in Other Libraries:

CSU+: Browse and request books from other CSU libraries, click on the tab that says "CSU+" (ships within 2-5 business days)

Worldcat: Browse and check out books from libraries all over the country (ships within 1-10 business days)

Literature Reviews

Literature Reviews


A literature review is not research, it is a review of the research that has been done on your topic. A literature review is NOT just a summary, but a conceptually organized synthesis of the results of your search. It must

  • organize information and relate it to the thesis or research question you are developing
  • synthesize and critically analyze the results comparing and contrasting their findings
  • identify controversy and themes that appear in the literature

A literature review is a piece of discursive prose, not a list describing or summarizing one piece of literature after another. It's usually a bad sign to see every paragraph beginning with the name of a researcher. Instead, organize the literature review into sections that present themes or identify trends, including relevant theory. You are not trying to list all the material published, but to synthesize and evaluate it according to the guiding concept of your thesis or research question. (From Univ. of Toronto)

Check out these sites for more help understanding literature reviews


Tips on conducting research for a literature review

  • Use bibliographies and reference pages of articles to direct your research. You may start to see some trends with the people who are writing about your topic. Check the bibliography for more articles about your topic.
  • Use the authors who you have found to be writing on your topic as starting points. Look for additional articles, and rebuttals, retractions or responses to their research

Use this chart to track articles you read for your literature review:

Education Resources

Education Resources

Education Resources

Study Guides

Are you studying for the CBEST or CSET this year? Do you need to know what the California Content Standards are for your discipline?  Would you like to know what the teacher credential requirements are in California?

Start here...

  • CBEST located on the 4th Floor
  • CSET located on the 4th floor

Teacher Certification Requirements in All Fifty States located on the 4th floor LB 1771 .T43

Make sure to take a look at all the Education materials in our Reference area (3rd floor of the Kellogg Library), starting in the L's. 

Government Websites


Lesson Plans

  • American Memory Project: Sponsored by the Library of Congress, this site offers a variety of history lesson plans and teacher resources.
  • Illuminations: Sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, this site offers a variety of mathematical lesson plans and teacher resources.
  • Figure This!- Download and print math challenges.             
  • HotChalk Lesson Plans: This is a site that hosts lesson plans for teachers/by teachers.
  • International Education and Resource Network (iEARN) enables teachers to collaborate on projects via the Internet that "both enhance learning and make a difference in the world."
  • Lesson Planet is a lesson plan search engine for teachers that provides teacher-reviewed online resources including more than 150,000 online lesson plans and 75,000 online worksheets.
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Interactive, web-based tutorials
  • North Coastal Consortium for Special Education - "A Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA) that is composed of 14 school districts in the North County. 
  • SpellingCity - Free site that makes learning to spell fun!
  • Time4Writing - provides a series of 8-week, teacher-led courses for elementary, middle school and high school students. 

    Many websites have compiled lists of multicultural lesson plans and resources, like the Virtual Middle School Library, and the Multicultural Pavilion's Resources and Dialogues for Equity in Education.


    Other Useful Websites

    • - free site that helps you become an educator in California


    Award Winning Children's Books

    Award Winning Children's Books

    Award Winning Children's Books

    Please see the American Library Association for Library Service to Children for a more detailed listing:


    Virginia Hansen Curriculum Room

    Virginia Hansen Curriculum Room

    Hansen Curriculum Room

    The Virginia Hansen Curriculum Room houses materials that can be used in the classroom as teaching aids. Items such as puppets, manipulatives, kits and much more are ready for checkout.

    Below is a list of subjects related to topics in teaching and instructional materials. To find more items in our curriculum library use our Library Catalog.

    Hansen Video


    *A collection of children's books is located just outside the Virginia Hansen Curriculum Room (KEL 5106) in the JUV section up on the 5th floor of the Kellogg Library.

    The San Diego County Office of Education houses the Learning Resource Display Center (LRDC) where several K-8 adopted instructional materials are held for your use.

    Barahona Collection

    Barahona Collection

    Barahona History

    The Barahona Collection, located on the 5th floor of the Kellogg Library, houses thousands of books in Spanish for children and teens.  Thanks to the generous donation of the Sulpizio family, the collection was named to honor the memory of Flor and Francisco Barahona. 


    For information regarding the Barahona Collection please call Lalitha Nataraj (760) 750-4070 or email:


    Use the search box below to view records of materials in the Barahona collection.


    APA Citation Help

    APA Citation Help

    Education Dissertation, Project, & Thesis

    Education Dissertation, Project, & Thesis