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CALM HS&HS Kinesiology - Open Textbooks

  • “Anatomy and Physiology is a dynamic textbook for the yearlong Human Anatomy and Physiology course taught at most two- and four-year colleges and universities to students majoring in nursing and allied health.” Available through Openstax College.


CALM HS&HS Kinesiology - Multimedia

  • YouTube
    • Search YouTube by key terms and try filtering by channel or “Creative Commons” license (these videos are specifically labeled for reuse).
  •  Videos through the CSUSM Library
    • Select “Books & More” tab and use these limits: Full Text Available Online and Video.
    • Library Media Reserves, including Video on Demand option (allows you to stream videos to CSUSM students). Keep in mind that you should leave at least 1 week of lead time for processing these requests.
  • Orthopedic Assessment Methods
    Dr. Scott Sailor (Cal State Fresno) created videos on several tests used to determine the type and extent of injuries.
  • This collection of “crash course” videos run about 10 minutes each and cover a range of topics in Anatomy & Physiology. Excellent for introductory courses!
  • Physical Education Videos
    This collection of seven videos from the Dallas County Community College District are available free from iTunes. The videos demonstrate lower body workouts, upper body workouts, and a cardiorespiratory endurance test.
  • Exercising Advocacy: Some Personal Ideas and Experiences
    This lecture by Prof. Timothy Noakes discusses the role of science in assisting the rise of South African cricket and ends with the story of Lewis Gordon Pugh’s swims in the Antarctic and Arctic including his epic 18 minutes (1km) swim at the North Pole in June 2007.
  • Mouse Activity
    From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, this 30-second video compares the activity of a normal mouse to one with a mutation in a key gene controlling obesity.

Journal Articles

CALM HS&HS Kinesiology - Journal Articles

Consider including journal articles as required or supplemental reading for your courses. Search through our kinesiology databases for articles. Just be sure to direct students to the article by permalink (or static URL) rather than posting the PDF directly in your Cougar Course. This will ensure two things: 1) that we are complying with copyright and publisher restrictions, and 2) that our journal usage is counted (this allows us to justify maintaining our subscriptions).

This page provides examples illustrating how to find permalinks in the Library’s databases.

Please contact your librarian if you are still unsure of how to find the permalink.

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