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CALM Science - Chemistry Open Textbooks

  • OpenStax Chemistry
    Free PDF textbook designed for the two-semester general chemistry course.
  • ChemWiki Core
    UC Davis’s ChemWiki includes modules on the core information in the fields of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry.
  • Concept Development Studies in Chemistry
    Written by John Hutchinson of Rice University, this resource is an on-line textbook for an Introductory General Chemistry course.
  • Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis
    From UC Davis’s ChemWiki, this textbook uses biological molecules and biochemical reactions to explain and illustrate the central concepts of organic chemistry.


CALM Science - Chemistry Multimedia

Journal Articles

CALM Science - Chemistry Journal Articles

Consider including journal articles as required or supplemental reading for your courses. Search through our chemistry databases for articles. Just be sure to direct students to the article by permalink (or static URL) rather than posting the PDF directly in your Cougar Course. This will ensure two things: 1) that we are complying with copyright and publisher restrictions, and 2) that our journal usage is counted (this allows us to justify maintaining our subscriptions).
This page provides examples illustrating how to find permalinks in the Library’s databases.
Please contact your librarian if you are still unsure of how to find the permalink.

Open Courseware

CALM Science - Chemistry Open Courseware

  • MIT OpenCourse Ware – Chemistry
    MIT Open Courseware offers an extensive series of online courses in Chemistry. Course format generally includes lecture videos, interactive concept quizzes (solution key), problem sets, terms and definitions, suggested topics and links, and exams (with solution key).
  • Virtual Chemistry Lab
    Online simulation of a chemistry lab. Requires Java plugin download.

  • Interactive Simulations for General Chemistry
    The collection of interactive simulations covers a wide range of general chemistry topics, with each simulation addressing key concepts and enable students to practice and teachers to demonstrate these topics.

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