BUS 444 New Venture Development

BUS 444 New Venture Development

BUS 444 Antoniou New Venture Development

This page provides recommended sources to complete your Case Analysis and New Venture Development Plan.  This guide is organized according to your assignment requirements for those areas requiring outside research.

Preparation for BUS 444 Library Research Session 

Bizminer and Bizminer Tutorials -- Look under Resources to find short video tutorials prior to class. 

Featured title:

Awe, S. (2012) The Entrepreneur's Information Sourcebook. HD 62.5. A96 2012

Census Business Builder  For small businesses.  Use for business plan data and potential market

The Firms Environment--Industry

First:   Read the industry reports  section of this guide for market, product/servis, opportunities and threats in the industry.

Use Google Search for Business on this guide to find more.  

San Diego --- CA Economy at a glance (BEA)
San Diego Workforce Partnership issues reports specfic San Diego County industry and employment.  Good reading.

Market Share
US Economic Census  details on industry by NAIC, also by geographic levels
Passport Euromonitor   For consumer products, company and brand share in US and global market.

Market Trends
Association websites (National Restaurant Association for example), references to associations in news articles.  See the Industry Reports for specific industries.

Trade magazine websites AND library article databases-the only place to find special reports you find these in the news databases, see the tab on this guide for Business news premium sources.
*** Library Discovery search:  Technavio and [industry name]  good for forecast reports

Demographics and Market Potential
For this class market demand is assumed.  Please look at Marketing Course Guides for suggestions for consumer  research.

Business Plans

Sample busines plans.

*** Business Plans and Profiles Index ***
         This is THE SITE from the Carnegie Public Library, Pittsburgh.  It lists and links to thousands of sample business plans. Go directly to the electronic links, or search our library catalog for those books in print, we have many of them at CSUSM
Business plans in the CSUSM library.  Sample plans, and guides to writing effective plans.
 *** Business Plans Handbook *** (Library 3rd REFERENCE Print HD 62.7 B865 (Latest vol. 38 for index to b-plans)

Business E-resources and Gale Business Plans Handbook (San Diego City Library) Must have SD CITY library card 

Hurdle: The book on business planning / Tim Berry
Library of Congress Guides for sample business plans.  Note especially the Internet Resources link to the Business Plans and Profiles Index.
Small Business Administration Starting a Business

Operating Expenses

U.S. Economic Census Detailed Retail Trade and Operating Expenses
Related business and industry, manufacturing, and wholesale available as well.

The Firm

 *** California Business Portal (Featured) ***
Small Business Assitance, State Incentives, Registration & Permits (CalGold), Workforce.
Extensive business assistance and guides for starting and growing a business with all state requirements

 *** CalGOLD ***  California Permit Assistance by city, county, and industry

California Franchise Tax Board
California Business Search

SBA Search for Business Licenses and Permits  Enter zip code and regulated business if applicable.



Occupational / Employees

San Diego Workforce Partnership Job seekers, employers, training and education, economic indicators, industry statistics
O*NET Occupational Outlook (Dept of Labor)
Occupational outlook handbook HF5381 .U62  REFERENCE

Product or Service

Passport Euromonitor (Consumer purchase behavior
News stories in trade publications
Search.usa.gov for reports


GlobalSpec (Free registration).  Global product and service suppliers.
Office Depot

Kompass (Business 2 Business)
Thomas Global Registry (Solusource)  Global supplier registry
ThomasNet Manufacturing suppliers, limit by radius

Tax forms

California Franchise Tax Board for Business

Business Expenses

*** Bizminer *** Library financial start up and business plan database.   Update 6/18 now has Z-scores for credit scores and financial viability.

Industry Statistics Portal  Lands you on all census data sources for an industry

Monthly and Annual Retail Trade
See the Historical Detailed tables at the bottom of the screen for Business Expenses.

Business and Industry Data by Geography  Great landing page for details below


Location, Location, Location

LoopNet  Commercial Real Estate Listings by category

Commercial Real Estate Brokerages

See San Diego Business Journal Book of Lists  (Reference Shelves) for list of the 19  Commercial Real Estate Brokerages in San Diego County (other metro areas available)

Commercial Real Estate figures--San Diego Regional Economic Development Council

Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis

Industry Profiles (Industry overview reports)

Industry Research

Industry Reports  prepared by expert analysts in this premium content.  Offer a broad description and outlook at the macro environment of an industry, key trends, broad customer profiles and market or investment analysis of the industry.  Many databases offer the ability to search by NAICS code. 

IBISWorld  US Industry reports. Search by keyword OR NAIC code (uses 5 digits of 6 digit codes).     

Industry Research in over 700 reports by NAIC for the US. industry analysis, external, internal and economic, supply chain.  Some Global and International Reports

First Research  (Mergent Intellect)

Industry Research and Interview starter questions for exec levels.  Social Media feed updates on business and industry.

Mergent Online  Go to  the Report Search Tab to get to the industry reports. 
Use for major industries only,  global coverage. Especially useful for industries represented by publicly traded companies. Search by company or broad industry name.

ABI Inform / Complete  
Use the BROWSE   tab for publications on industry, commodities, and country reports.

  • BMI Country Industry Reports
  • BMI Global Oil Market Reports
  • BMI Industry Insight Reports
  • BMI Risk Reports

Industry Specific:

Hospitality --- BRASS Business Librarian recommendations for researching the hospitality industry. 

Fashion:  On the Front Lines when Currencies Shift

Local Industry Analysis 

San Diego Economic Development Industry Reports  (Website)
"San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC) regularly releases and sponsors research that provides a baseline of industry data to encourage and support economic investment. EDC also conducts studies on key industries and identify actions needed to spur growth in the region." (Source: San Diego Regional EDC).

S&P Capital IQ  Industry Surveys HG4915 .S652  3rd Floor Reference [Print]

Excellent for in depth analysis industries representing large US corporations. Segments on Industry Trends, How an Industry Operates, How to Analyse a Company.  Its in print but it is the single best industry introduction source in this library.  Excellent source for more sources of information such as trade magazines, professional associations and regulators.

NetAdvantage San Diego City Public Library   Electronic version of Industry Surveys 

Business Source Premier (EbscoHost database) 

Marketline reports with global coverage. Each report contains statistics on industry market value, forecast, and market segmentation, competition and leading companies.  Look for Porter's Five Forces analysis.  Each report is 24 pages long, caution to look at dates may be older.

San Diego Association of Governments [SANDAG] (Website)
          SANDAG serves as the forum for regional decision-making for the San Diego
          region. Resources such as Demographics and other data and publications will
          be of interest. 

Market Research Reports

Passport Euromonitor Global Industry Reports  Detailed reporting.  GBM 425  and SE MARKETING PROJECTS
Euromonitor Industry reports, in depth analysis on trends in consumer products and services industries, include market analyst reports and statistical data.  Country and consumer reseacher as well as economic, business and transport.

Financial Industry Analysis For those looking for more financial analysis. 

Bizminer   Detailed industry financial and industry market analysis.   9000 industries by sales.  Find reports at the national, state, county, metro and zip code.  Update 6/18:  Now shows Z-scores for credit strength and financial viability.

Industry Snapshots by NAIC from the census
Statistical profiles of US Industries by NAIC. 

Statistical Abstract of the United States (Proquest)
Excellent compilation of essential statistics to support other reports.  The source is often government and other agencies. 

Books on Industry in the library.

Hundreds of different industries are represented in the library catalog.
You will find whole books on the food industry, or service industries, craft beer, restaurants, etc.

Manufacturing Industries
Retail trade
Service Industries
Industry Profile United States (e-reports)



Business News

Business News

Business News

  • Change sort order to Newest Date first
  • Narrow by Subject (more options)

Business Source Premier (EBSCO)
Good for trade news and the only place to find Harvard Business Review (HBR selected not all).

Excellent for international and major business news.  (WSJ, NYT, Washington Post, San Diego Union-Tribune)

Factiva Tips!  

  • Change Date from 3 months to 2 years
  • Choose the NEWS PAGES on the black bar to get the latest 2 weeks WSJ, NYT, LA Times, Washington Post and others

Business News Publications

Newsbank:  America's News
Full text of major news sources including the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, and Press Enterprise


San Diego Union Tribune    Link here and print edition, see 3rd floor of the library (behind the research help desk).
San Diego Business Journal   Proquest ABI Inform and print edition, see 3rd floor of the library (behind the research help desk).
Press Enterprise Riverside County Newsbank


Bloomberg BusinessWeek   Full text through Business Sources Premier

Bloomberg Tip!  Search within this publication    top right


The Economist  (online) Full text link.  [via Proquest ABI Inform]  Free Economist gives only limited content

Financial Times (London) ABI Inform (Proquest)  Last month not available. 

Harvard Business Review  Ebsco - Business Source Premier -- Full text of Harvard business review.

HBR Tips!

  • Some full text not available electronically.  See paper edition  HF5001.H3 (4th floor periodicals)
  • Case studies are not available in this subscription

Trade and  Professional Associations  -- Industry Trending News

Look to trade association pages on the free web.  Many industry and news reports will identify them.  Some information is available free, but most are only available to members.  Get around this by searching the association name for news reports in the above databases.  Examples of trade and professional associations are the National Restaurant Association; American Library Association.

Find associations in the industry reports recommended here, such as First Research.  Search on the web using .org   Find references to associations in news article





Budget and Finance

Budget and Finance

Financial Ratios

How to find Financial Statements and Industry Ratios:


IBISWorld Key Statistics
Industry  Financial Ratios for major industries.    Look to the far right tab for KEY STATISTICS --> Ratios


Mergent Online (Library Database)
A financial analysis database of over 10,000 publicly traded US and international companies. Search by SIC, long term debt, profit margin, total revenue, and more. Create custom financial comparison charts. Includes EDGAR (SEC) filings back to 1993.


Bizminer   (Library Database)
Premium library access to industry financial analysis by NAIC and market analysis, excellent for SME, Small to Medium Enterprises
 Metro, county, state, national

How to pull Reports in Bizminer
1. Industry Financial Analysis.   

  1. Industry Financial Reports: Business plans, 

    1. Industry Financial Reports --->  Search your industry

      1. Industry Financial Profiles --> Choose Location --> Select Sales class

    2.  Industry Market Reports  contain   competitor reports and Sales per sq. ft reports

RMA Annual Statement Studies (in Print)
HF5681.B2 R6 
Industry financials and ratios by industry type (SIC). Comparison data back 5 years. Data derived from membership loan applications. Good for national.

Troy's Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios (in Print) / Leo Troy.
HF5681.R25 A45 
Troy's uses IRS tax return data, the publication covers 192 industries, and 50 performance indicators, you can often find more detail in Troy's. Use NAICS to locate your industry. Useful when other titles do not cover your industry, and includes some industries that are typically privately held. Data derived from tax returns. Good for national.


A) If you have a company name -

Company directories library databases:  ReferenceUSA, Mergent will list the SIC or NAIC number and industry description.   Jot these down as they are the way to find any industry info.  Besides you will be requied in Senior Experience to memorize them!

B) If you know the industry name -

Go to U.S. Census to find the industry classification number NAICS or SIC:
North American Industrial Classification System

2. The titles listed provide industry financial averages and ratios. Most are located in the Business Quick Reference area of the library or as electronic databases.


Title Industry Company

Bizminer (Library Database)



Find business statistics, profitability and financial ratios for industry type and company.


      x        x

Business reference guide: for anyone involved in analyzing, valuing or selling a business. HD1393.25 2011 Reference. earlier edition circulates.


      x        x

 Business and Industry Economic Census
Industry and Economic data by the US Census



Factiva  [Library Database]
Choose the Company/Markets Tab on top  to view Industry averages and ratios

     x  x

First Research Industry Profiles by Dun & Bradstreet    accessed from ABI Inform Complete
Enter the search: pub(first research)  and add your industry.   "Food Trucks" is a good example of the kinds of reports you will get.    Includes Financial Ratios for the industry.



Mergent Online [Library Database]
A financial analysis database of over 10,000 publicly traded US and international companies. Search by SIC, long term debt, profit margin, total revenue, and more. Create custom financial comparison charts. Includes EDGAR (SEC) filings back to 1993.


      x  x

RMA Annual Statement Studies LIBRARY REFERENCE 3rd Floor for latest editions
Industry financials and ratios by industry type (SIC). Comparison data back 5 years. Data derived from membership loan applications



Reuters Business and Finance Stocks
Once you enter a company name, choose ratios report. Includes lots of ratios, by company, industry, sector, and S&T 500. This path will lead you to the short free reports.


      x        x

S & P / Capital IQ Industry Surveys  LIBRARY REFERENCE 3rd Floor for latest editions

S & P / Capital IQ Industry Survey. Monthly investment review.
Essays in broad industry categories. Financials for companies back 5 years, and 10th year.



Tax Statistics / IRS
Use the business tax statistics to see statistics by sector, industry, type of return and size. Especially useful for sole proprietorship, partnerships where data is not as easily accessible from other sources. Data derived from tax returns and other tax agency statistics.



Troy's Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios (in print) / Leo Troy.

LIBRARY REFERENCE 3rd Floor for latest editions
Troy's uses IRS tax return data, the publication covers 192 industries, and 50 performance indicators, you can often find more detail in Troy's. Use NAICS to locate your industry. Useful when other titles do not cover your industry, and includes some industries that are typically privately held. Data derived from tax returns.



Value Line Investment Survey HG4501 .V26 Reference  PRINT ONLY
Provides a short set of financial ratios for industries that can be compared to company reports.


      x        x

Yahoo Finance Stock Screening
Choose industry, and selected ratios for sales and profitability and valuation. For current year only


      x        x


How to interpret ratios

Recommended Subject in the Library Catalog:

Ratio Analysis    Over 16 books on how to work with financial ratios to view online or  check out of the library to take home.

Bragg, S. M. (2002). Business ratios and formulas: a comprehensive guide, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. In print HF5691 . B73

Bragg, S. M. (2012). Business ratios and formulas: A comprehensive guide. 3rd ed. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. e-Book access Online.




Google for Business

Google for Business

Google for Business

Advanced Google features for business searching

Limit to domain names:   site:.gov [search terms]       site:.ca.gov ....    site:.edu ..     site:.org   ....

Add site:(domain) to your search terms, for example:

site:.gov demographics AND Oceanside, CA
site:.gov serbia and culture and management  
Limits to goverment entitites, works for all jurisdiction levels:  National, state, county, city, water district, school district ect. military.

regulations.gov  For current and proposed federal regulations

site:.org Associations AND Yoga
Limits to non profit organizations 

site:.edu Market research AND "frozen yogurt"
Limits to education sites.  USE WITH CAUTION as student papers may also be uploaded using the .edu domain, not to be confused with scholar.google.com



Limit to latest years:    Open Search tools (Grey box on right) >> Then select AnyTime (drop down)

Image showing Google Limted to Time


Google marketing tools:

Search trends, shopping insights articles, and other marketing and advertising resources.

How Does Google Work?








APA Style Common Business Citations

APA Style Common Business Citations

Guide to Using APA Business Citations

APA Citation Style Guide (General)

    Has links to guides and citation generators.

Sources, Citations and Style. Watch this APA Citation Style Video (OWL Purdue. 2015) BUS 495 


Reference the APA handout created by the writing center.  This is a single-page handout. It is intended to be printed two-sided and tri-folded.

Image of one side of APA trifold
Image showing inside of APA guide



Common Business Citation Styles in APA Format

How to Cite in Text:
Cite as (last name or company name, year, page number). Example: (Longboard Grotto, 2009, p.23)

She stated, "Students often had difficulty using APA style" (Jones, 1998, p. 199), but she did not offer an explanation as to why.

According to Jones (1998), "Students often had difficulty using APA style, especially when it was their first time" (p. 199).

Consult the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) for detailed explanations and additional examples. Copies are available at the Cal State San Marcos Research Help Desk (BF76.7.P83 2009) or on Reserve.


Recommended Citation Generators:

A note of caution about Citation Generators.... NOT ALL ARE ACCURATE! Like everything, you need to know the basics and use them with caution and expect to make corrections. EbscoHost databases and Proquest have built in citation generators for each article. Use Cite This, or email citation. Known bug: Proquest authors and dates may need reformatting.

KnightCite       Hekman Library Calvin College
DocsCite          Arizona State University to help cite government documents
Owl at Purdue APA Style.     Highly recommended. Also note the sample manuscript with notations for APA instructions on formatting.


DOI Digital Object Identifiers

Cite the article as you would any print article and add the electronic access information at the end.
DOI: To access electronic articles preference is given to supplying an Digital Object Identifier, a unique number for an article. Inclusion of the DOI, if available, facilitates retrieval

Example: doi:10.1108/03090560710821161
* If no DOI end with the home page, do not paste the whole URL of the database name.


Articles, News or Trade:

News article with DOI: 
Brownlie, D. (2007). Toward effective poster presentations: An annotated bibliography. European Journal of Marketing, 41, 1245-1283. doi:10.1108/03090560710821161

News article, no DOI, in Factiva 

Kenneth, I. A. (2000). A Buddhist response to the nature of human rights. Retrieved from Factiva.

CQ FD Disclosure (2017). Event Brief of Q3 2017 McCormick & Company Inc Earnings Call - Final. Retrieved from Factiva. 

Newspaper: San Diego Union Tribune

Econometer: $15 an hour for fast food jobs? Should the minimum wage be nearly doubled to $15 per hour for fast-food workers? (2013, September 8). U-T San Diego (CA) (First Edition ed.), C-2. Retrieved September 13, 2013, from NewsBank on-line database (Access World News)

Articles, Scholarly:

Klimoski, R., & Palmer, S. (1993). The ADA and the hiring process in organizations. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 45(2), 10-36. doi: 10.1037/1061-4087.45.2.1)



Chapter in a book
O'Neil, J. M., & Egan, J. (1992). Men's and women's gender role journeys: A metaphor for healing, transition, and transformation. In B. R. Wainrib (Ed.), Gender issues across the life cycle (pp. 107-123). New York, NY: Springer.

Whole book: 
McDonald, M. & Keegan, W. J. (1997). Marketing plans that work. Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann.

E-book, no DOI: 
Stark, J. (2010). Building iPhone apps with html, css, and javascript [1st ed]. Retrieved from http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com/9781449380236


Chapter or Section of a web document:
Cite the most specific webpage that you reference in your paper and include a link to the specific page.

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of article. In Title of book or larger web document (chapter or section number).

Spain: Culture (2010). In GlobalEdge. Retrieved January 18, 2010 from https://GlobalEdge.msu.edu/countries/spain/culture


Company Information TEMPLATE 

Author (date of publication). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume number, page number. Retrieved from http://nnnnnnn.htm 
Title of company (date). Publisher, database source. Retrieved from source name.


Examples: Entries in library databases:
Hoover’s Inc. (2010, February 16). Harley Davidson, Incorporated: In-depth record. Retrieved from ABI Inform.

Company website: 
Qualcomm (2010). FY 2009 4th Quarter Earnings Release. Retrieved from the Qualcomm, Inc. website https://www.qualcomm.com


Industry Reports

Cohen, A. (2017). Department stores in the U.S report 45211. IBISWorld Industry. Retrieved from IBISWorld database

First Research (2017). Clothing Stores.  Retrieved from Mergent First Research. 

Industry Statistics:
U.S. Census Bureau. (2010). Musical instrument and supplies stores NAICS: 45114. Washington DC: Author.
Retrieved August 22, 2016 from the World Wide Web:https://factfinder.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml


Data Set (user created): For customized datasets derived from an electronic database.

REFERENCEUSA or data generated from an analytics site or GIS

InfoGroup. (2010). Corporate Lodging San Diego Metro Area. Available from ReferenceUSA database.

ESRI. San Diego County Market Potential. 2016. www.communityanalystonline.com. August 25, 2017. 

SimplyAnalytics user created data set / map:

SimplyAnalytics (2017). EASI/MRI Consumer Expenditure Data 2016. Retrieved February 17th, 2017, from SimplyAnalytics database.

Encyclopedia, Reference Source or Chapter in a book
See Reference list: other print sources. In Purdue Owl.

Encyclopedia, No author: 
Physical Fitness Products. (2007). In Encyclopedia of American industries. (pp. 671-675). Millerton, NY: Grey House Publications.

Reference work, Author:
Basham, M. (2009). Restaurants. In Standard & Poor's industry surveys. (Vol. 1). New York: Standard &Poor's.

Reference work: Multiple Authors: (authors in order as they appear)
Edell, J. A., & Burke, M. C. (1998). Feelings towards ads. In Bearden, W. O. & Netemeyer, R. G. In Handbook of marketing scales (2nd ed., pp. 283-285). Thousand Oaks: Sage.


Legal Citation Formats

See Westlaw or use the Uniform System of Case Citation (Blue Book).

To get the data for this YouTube clip you will need to extract speaker or author name, introductory slide, and other info.

CSUSM (2015). Forward Together: The Campaign for California State University San Marcos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7W1MXQUPFE

Personal Communication  (interview, email, phone call)
APA rules states that you cite your interviews or emails in the text only since they are not retrievable. Include person's name, type of communication, date.    Check with your professor who may also require you to list them in the Works Cited list.

In Text Example:
...  (J. Welch, personal communication, January 21, 2010)
.... Patricia Burns, e-mail message to author, December 15, 2008.

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10/17 afiegen