Library Conduct Policy

California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) Kellogg Library is committed to maintaining an environment conducive to research and study. 

To this end, all Library users are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with this and other University policies and local, state and federal laws.

Inappropriate behavior includes any activity that:

  • Disrupts or interferes with Library operations and/or the acceptable and legitimate activities of other Library users.
  • May cause damage to Library materials or facilities
  • Endangers the offender(s) or others
  • Is illegal.

When inappropriate behavior is brought to the Library's attention, it may result in Library staff requesting the offender(s) to leave the Library immediately. 

Library staff will notify the University Police if the behavior continues or if the offender(s) refuse to leave the premises when requested to do so.

See also Appropriate Use of Computer Workstations

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