Workshops Spring 2015

Library Workshops

Hands-on workshops specially designed to help you ace research papers and projects this semester. All held in KEL 3400 during University Hour. Come by and bring a friend!


Zotero Citation Manager

Tuesday, February 17, KEL 3400, 12-1 pm 

Bibliography getting out of control? Having a hard time keeping track of your sources? Come to this workshop to learn how to use web-based tools to build and format your citations in any style you need for class.

Collaborative Tools 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015, KEL 3400, 12-1 pm 

Got a group project this semester? This workshop is for you. Learn how to use Google docs, Prezi, and more to create awesome group presentations -- without ever having to meet in-person with your group members.

Transfer Students Survival Skills

Tuesday, March 10, 2015, KEL 3400, 12-1 pm 

Get the inside scoop on how to do research at CSUSM. This workshop will help you make the transition from using the library at your previous college to the CSUSM library. Learn more about faculty expectations of research, along with the best research tools for your major.

Extreme Googling

Tuesday, March 17, 2015, KEL 3400, 12-1 pm 

Become an expert Googler! You will learn how to find the information you need -- efficiently and effectively. These tips and tricks will be useful whether you are looking for the best restaurants in San Diego, trying to settle a bet, or looking for scholarly articles for your final research assignment.

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